Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Kitchen Worktop From a DIY superstore

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen worktop, many homeowners will head to the biggest home supplies superstore that they can find.

Centro commercialeThe general reasoning is that these honking great stores will have the biggest range of products and will be able to offer their customers the best prices.

But buying a kitchen worktop is a very big decision, perhaps one of the biggest you will have to make as a homeowner. Buying from a DIY/furniture chain store  is not very romantic, and there are some real problems with choosing them over independent stores.

Home store clerks are not kitchen experts

When you come to buy a kitchen worktop it is important to have someone who can accurately answer all of your questions. It is important that the buyer understands every dimension of the purchase – from which material to use to the correct measurement technique.

Buying from a store clerk in IKEA or B&Q, or similar chain, you are unlikely to get all of the accurate information that you might need. Store-bound retail assistants have little idea about the practicalities of installation, or the relative benefits of each worktop material.

If you speak to a local supplier on the other hand, they will come to you – make sure you get measured up properly and advise what material would fit best.

Buy quality

Part of the reason that many people opt for the big super stores is because they are cheaper. Largely, this is down to them using lower quality materials than independent suppliers. Cheap worktops like laminate boards or wood panels do not tend to last as long as other materials and regularly need replacing.

Buying from a local supplier may be more expensive at the outset, but if you get a quality top then it will last for much longer than its superstore alternative – making it cheaper in the long run.

Get an individual kitchen

The other problem with buying from a superstore is that when it’s all finished, you end up with a kitchen that looks like so many others. For some people this can be a big disappointment, especially when you have spent a lot of money.

By working with an expert kitchen craftsman, you can be sure to get a look that suits your individual style. Expert installers will offer you a range of colours and finishes to match your own individuality.

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