Why choose granite for your kitchen?

graniteIf you’re looking for a complete kitchen redesign, or perhaps more of a makeover, granite will undoubtedly feature as a potential material for your kitchen surfaces.  It’s certainly perceived to be amongst the very finest materials for countertops, a light year away from cheaper options… especially the rather ugly, peeling Formica of our collective pasts.

However, why does it work so well?  Well here at Cheshire Mulitgranite, we thought we would put together a brief guide to this most industrious, and adaptable of materials:

Firstly, granite is, of course, a natural material – readily available and quarried straight from the ground – and is therefore blessed with that organic, unforced elegance.  Your own granite slab will feature a variety of utterly unique and naturally forming patterns and you will also be able to choose from a wide variety of colours.  These patterns – whether swirls or specks – will run right through the stone, like veins under the skin.  This means something new will always catch your eye in the stone, the light of the sun illuminating the crystals and changing the story of your countertop throughout the passing of the day.  You will still be in love with this ever surprising, beautiful material for the lifetime of your kitchen… or very probably beyond, when you, yourself, have left the house.

Beauty with strength

Of course aside from its beauty, granite is also incredibly practical, adaptable and durable.  Able to perfectly fit any kitchen style, it is extremely hard to scratch, you can even cut and chop directly onto it, whilst hot saucepans and frying pans won’t burn it, should you leave them where they shouldn’t be.   Equally, it’s very easy to wipe clean and the carefully polished finish means it will never provide a home for bacteria.  Even if – like me – you have the world’s most industrially destructive children, they will be unable to exact much damage.  This material has already survived the worst ravages of the natural world; my three year old is unlikely to better that.  And even if they can, granite can in most cases be repaired.

Put simply, granite has provided the most solid, dependable and stylish worktop material throughout the generations.  And because of its twin benefits of elegance and durability it will never go out of style.  It’s also surprisingly kind on the budget and is actually more affordable than it has been in the past.

At this stage you may well be sold, but interested to know what granite actually is?  Granite is actually formed all over the planet, from within the earth, where magma hardens into this incredibly hard, resistant igneous rock, naturally forming into a variety of shades and colours.  Once mined, it is polished and carved into granite slabs… from the very heart of our planet to your own kitchen.

Of course this means each countertop will be unique, and unique to you, bringing any kitchen environment fully to life.   Whatever people may tell you, there is simply no way of replicating its elegance.  Try, for instance, proposing marriage with a glass, rather than diamond, engagement ring….

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