What to do with leftover granite

Buying granite through a fabricator and fitter like Cheshire Graniteline means that there are often leftover pieces of granite at the end of your project.

These pieces are often surplus chunks from the supplier or pieces that didn’t get used in the installation.

They can be useful for repair work during and after the installation process. But many people prefer to turn their granite into bespoke furniture and decoration.

This works with old granite countertops too. Instead of scrapping your old countertop or giving it to a recycler, you can repurpose an old countertop yourself and turn it into something better.

Based out of a large stone workshop in Middlewich, Cheshire Graniteline are used to taking on personal projects that can really transform a home.

Here are some ideas for what you can do with your leftover pieces of granite.

Granite cutting board

By far one of the most common bespoke product requests is for a granite cutting board. Many jobs will have a small piece of granite leftover that’s big enough for a cutting board and it is nice to have something that matches the rest of the kitchen.

Granite cutting boards are not too difficult to shape and finish with your desired edge finishing technique.

Lazy Susan

Like to host big dinner parties? Or gorging out on a big family takeaway? A smooth-spinning lazy Susan could be the perfect centrepiece to your social time.

Getting a perfect circle of granite is more complicated than fashioning a square or rectangular piece, but no problem for our experienced stone workers.

Serving platter

A stone serving platter is the perfect accompaniment to cheese, fruit, cured meats, artisan breads and much more.

With restaurants all around the world ditching plates in favour of slates, slabs and spaghetti cans – isn’t it time you caught up with the modern trend.

Memorial plaque

Do you have a beloved pet buried out in the garden? Perhaps you want to help a loved one live on by leaving a special plaque in one of their favourite spots?

Granite makes an excellent plaque material. It looks good, will stand the test of time and can be engraved with a thoughtful message.

House number sign

Fed up of plastic letters peeling off your door? Make sure you are the envy of all your neighbours with a unique granite number plate fixed outside your door.

These signs can be engraved or painted or engraved and pained to give the perfect finish.


If you have a nice long slice of granite leftover, then shelving may be a possibility. Granite is heavy, so mounting it on a wall can be tricky.

It may be that the granite needs to be cut in half lengthways to make it lighter. Speak to us to find out how it can be hung without brackets.

Patio table

A nice round table to sit out on your patio, on a balcony or in your kitchen. Get a truly unique piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

Choose thin metal legs or chunky cast iron ones and make sure you get some nice chairs to match.

Wooden side table

If you just have an odd chunk of granite leftover – perhaps a piece that snapped off during delivery – then you can create one of these lovely looking in-laid side tables.

We spoke to the creator of this table and got step by step instructions so you can learn to make your own.


Garden work space

Want to bring a bit of luxury to the space where you do all your planting. All that potting takes a hard surface for you to work on so why not use a slab of granite.

This is one of our favourite suggestions, because you don’t need to do anything to the granite. Just plonk it down.

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