What is Angelo White Quartz?

With its clean, harmonious look which complements a range of kitchen designs and decors, Angelo White quartz creates a signature statement in any kitchen.

A hybrid of 94% quartz and 6% polyester resin mixed with colour pigmentation and minute metallic or glass shards elevates Angelo White quartz, promoting design intrigue and individuality for that familiar, yet bespoke look. Angelo White quartz is one of the more attractive, chic kitchen countertops you can buy.

Angelo white quartz and star galaxy

Precision engineered from Silestone, Angelo White quartz is renowned for its superior durability and hygienic properties. Natural quartz crystals are mined from the ground and ground into a fine powder or aggregate. Poly resin binders and pigments for that coloured finish are then added under intense heat and pressure to form a solid slab.

Quartz’s tensile strength, non-porous nature and high impact resistance means that it is highly resistant to knocks and scratches. These properties make Quartz the ideal material to have in a busy home kitchen.

Moreover, Angelo White quartz – as with quartz of any colour – is easy to clean with washing-up liquid, soap or a brand antibacterial cleaner. Use a soft, wet microfibre or e-cloth to buff the surface clean of any food or liquid stains. For dried in stains, you can use purpose-made cleaner, for example, Oxy-Klenza™. Once you’ve cleaned the area, use a dry microfibre cloth for that sparkling finish.

angelo white quartz project in Middlewich

As attractive as marble and durable as granite, whilst being a cheaper kitchen countertop option, silestone, specifically quartz, is one of the most sought-after kitchen countertops.