What are the key differences between granite and quartz?

Choosing the right material for your worktops can be a tricky process. We offer a fantastic selection of kitche stone here at Graniteline and all have their own natural beauty and suitability. So how do you choose? well, two of our most popular materials are granite and quartz so we’ve given you a quick run down of their individual advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, however, its all about what looks and feels good to you – you can’t go wrong with either.

granite or quartz for a kitchenConsidering granite kitchen worktops

Granite comes straight from the earth, quarried as big slabs of this hardy and handsome stone. Once the blocks have left the quarry, we cut and polish them into the kitchen and bathroom furnishings that grace our customers’ homes across Cheshire. 

Whilst granite is certainly raw and beautiful, there are always considerations with a natural product like this:

    1. Be aware that you will  see natural variations with granite rather than a uniform material. The stones are quarried from the ground and therefore follow nature’s little idiosyncrasies. Many people believe this to be more beautiful than a flawless object and choose granite specifically because of this. If this concerns you however, it may be wise to look at other potential worktop materials.
    1. Before using your granite surfaces, they must be sealed. Granite is a naturally porous material and therefore cannot resist stains in it natural form. Sealing your worktop, will ensure you preserve its beauty. Although many people only do this once every three years, our advice is to seal the worktops annually, to be safe.
    1. The perception of granite is that its an unbreakable material. Certainly it is a very durable substance when used under normal everyday conditions, but it is not indestructible (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make worktops with it!). As a natural rock, it can of course chip or even break if treated badly. Look after your granite surfaces the same way you would any other part of your home and it will give you years of faithful service.
    1. When making a choice from our selector, bear in mind that natural variations mean that what you choose and what you receive can differ, although only slightly. There may be subtle colour difference or pattern variations that gives the worktop a subtly different look.
  1. Granite worktops are very heavy! If you’re in the market for a granite kitchen worktop, choose a company that offers installation as part of the service.

Considering quartz worktops

Rather than being a natural quarried material like granite, quartz is a manufactured stone containing crushed quartz mixed with 7% resin. This man-made stone can be supplied in a range of patterns and colours and we offer silestone and technistone quartz.

    1. Whilst as a manufactured product it is less prone to variation, quartz also has certain advantages and disadvantages:
    1. Quartz is equally as strong as granite but of course, again, it is not indestructible. However it’s slightly more flexible than granite, making it easier to install.
    1. Whilst granite must be sealed to protect it, quartz is a non-porous substance and will never need sealing, reducing the maintenance required over a worktop’s lifetime.
    1. Whilst granite can show natural imperfections from the start, quartz can actually develop flaws and imperfection. Specifically, if your worktops are in direct sunlight, discolouration can occur over a period of time. This will be particularly noticeable if other areas are not in sunlight as a difference between the two areas will become apparent.
    1. With both granite and quartz, its difficult to completely hide the seams on your kitchen worktop. But if you choose a darker quartz colour, they aren’t as obvious and in fact are easier to hide due to it being a manufactured material.
  1. Quartz can be even heavier than granite so always get a professional to do the installation.

Whichever choice you make, both granite and quartz give an air of quality to a kitchen, improving the ambiance of your home and adding value at the same time. Please browse our range online. If there is something specific you have in mind please contact us – we have unparalleled experience and nothing is too big a job for our expert team.

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