Top 5 Small Kitchen Ideas For 2021

(To Make Your Space Feel Bigger)

Are you in need of design inspiration for your small kitchen? Well, we are here to help. We all dream of a spacious, natural light-filled kitchen with tons of room to get our creative juices flowing, but we need to be realistic and know that the majority of the fancy kitchens we see on adverts and Pinterest are the same size as the entire downstairs of most people’s home. However, don’t let that stop you from getting that same look and feel because we have loads of ways that can help you create your dream space.

Whether you are in need of practical, small-space storage solutions or just a helping hand on which paint colours will give the illusion of space, below we have listed our favourite ideas to make the most of a small kitchen. 

1. Savvy Storage Solutions

As with any small room, good practical storage that works is key. Using a mixture of open and closed storage is a great way to de-clutter your kitchen creating more space on surfaces. Shelving and glass cabinets can act as both decoration and storage if you fill them with the more aesthetically pleasing kitchenware such as jars and crockery. For your less attractive kitchen equipment, use cupboards or look to add in under shelf baskets and cupboard organisers to create even more space. 

2. Use Lighting to Create a Focal Point

There are many ways for you to create the appearance of space in your kitchen that don’t require a complete revamp. For example, creating a focal point in the kitchen using clever lighting e.g. pendant lights. This can be an effective way of detracting from a kitchen’s size, while adding a stylish and contemporary look.

If you don’t have the room or ceiling height to hang a large pendant light, think about adding in some wall lights to draw focus instead. Look to use colours that will contrast with your walls and make them stand out.

3. Opt for Slimline Appliances

Not all small kitchen ideas are aesthetic changes, many have to be practical too. When it comes to appliances for a small kitchen, choosing slimline versions is a great solution for gaining some extra space. They not only save on space, but it will suit your needs and decrease your energy use too. 

4. Plan Your Layout with Natural Light in Mind

Natural light is a priority when working with any small space as it can maximise and enhance the feel of your kitchen. Box-shaped, fitted kitchens situated around the window are likely to restrict light from entering the space, opting for open shelving is an option worth considering allowing for more natural light to fill the space. Having your sink below a window is a go-to when picking your kitchen layout, so you can enjoy a view when doing the dishes.

5. Save Space with a Stylish Breakfast Bar

Integrating breakfast bars and stools is a great, small kitchen idea to consider. If you don’t have space for a kitchen table and chairs, swap freestanding pieces for these multi-functional spaces. They can be used for food preparation as well as a dining area where you can entertain guests, giving the appearance of more space whilst maintain its practicality.