Time for a Kitchen Clean-out

As we are now in our second lockdown, I think it’s time for most of us to sort out those cluttered countertops and overflowing drawers in time for Christmas. But sometimes it’s hard to decide what needs to go and what should stay. That’s where we step in, we have created a list to help you make that all-important decision.

Repurpose old or worn dish towels

Dish towels that are worn or no longer match your kitchen’s aesthetic need to be sorted. It’s time to go through all your dish towels and get rid of those that have had their day. Once you have done this, you can then evaluate the remaining towels to see if you actually use them or if they should go as well. If not, they can be repurposed as cleaning rags or hand towels. 

Extra sets of oven mitts take up space

A great set of oven-mitts is a kitchen must-have, but how many do you really need? If they are beginning to clog up much-needed cupboard or drawer space, it may be time to cut back. You should only need two sets in your kitchen; one for the family head chef and the second for their sous chef. 

Utensils and kitchen gadgets are contributing to clutter

Yes, it is time to sort through your utensils, spatulas, kitchen gadgets, and remove any that aren’t regularly being used. If you’ve any seldom-used items on the kitchen counter or on shelves, you should consider finding them a new home in a cupboard – somewhere that is less visible. 

Get rid of cookbooks

Do you have a backlog of old cookbooks taking up much needed room in the kitchen? If you aren’t using a cookbook on a regular basis, then it may not be worth keeping in your kitchen, especially with so many recipes available at the click of a button.  For any cookbooks that you use for one or two recipes, you should look to write the recipes down and store them in a recipe box or binder.

Lose the junk drawer

Every family has one, but is it a valuable use of space? The junk drawer contains all those random little things you aim to deal with and but never do. Usual culprits include takeaway menus, old ketchup packets, used batteries and so on, but there’s no need to take up an entire drawer with clutter. Tidy it up and turn it into a clean, organised, and more efficient space for items that you actually need and use.

Counter-hogging appliances should find new homes

Unless you use them on a regular basis, large appliances can be a waste of space. Appliance lifts can be installed into cabinets, they can be used to easily take out heavy appliances and keep them stored when you aren’t using them. However, if you don’t use these large appliances regularly, consider finding them a new home because they only make your kitchen cluttered.

Mismatched items can take away from your overall aesthetic

Mismatched items like pots without lids or old sets of random plates take up space as well as detract from your kitchen aesthetic. If you use these items regularly then there’s no need to get rid of them but consider removing the ones you don’t.

Open shelving isn’t very practical in a kitchen

Open shelving is a hot trend at the minute, but it can lead to faster grease and dust accumulation, this means more cleaning and overall kitchen maintenance. Also, if you don’t carefully organise your shelves, they can give your kitchen space a cluttered look. Before adding open shelving to your kitchen, really consider what you need to store as you may be better off with a pantry or wall cabinets.