The smart way to add value to your home with a kitchen refurb

There are lots of ways to increase the market value of your home before you put it on the market.

But if you don’t want to spend years painstakingly remodelling every bathroom and bedroom, then the kitchen is the place where you are likely to see the biggest impact on your budget.

The engine room of any home, the kitchen isn’t just for cooking and eating. It’s also where prospective buyers will imagine themselves socialising, working and helping the kids with their homework.

If you are thinking about upgrading before a move, or even in the distant future, then refurbing the kitchen is one of the best things that you can do to boost the asking price short of moving your house to a more desirable postcode.

But any upgrade needs to be done with care. Remember that your version of kitchen nirvana won’t be to everyone’s taste. And what’s trendy in kitchens now can quickly go out of fashion in ever-changing Cheshire.

Here are our top tips for kitchen design to add value to your home.

Make sure the style suits your space

When you’re designing to boost the asking price, the first thing you’ll need to consider is the style of your kitchen.

There are thousands of choices that go way beyond the standard dichotomy of traditional and modern.

But you must be careful with your choice, because not every style will suit every sort of space. An ultra-contemporary kitchen, for example, won’t suit a rustic farmhouse with exposed beams. While a traditional country aesthetic probably isn’t suitable for a city-centre penthouse pad.

If you work with a professional kitchen designer, they will be able to advise you on the best style and features for your remodelling job.  

 Use a functional layout

How a kitchen works is at least as, if not more important, than how it looks. Even for your potential home buyers.

When your prospective buyers come to take a look at your kitchen, they will imagine themselves using it in a hundred different ways.

“Will I,” they’ll ask, “be able to put a hot baking tray down straight out the oven.” “Can I easily reach my spice rack without leaning over the stove.” And “Can I really imagine cooking in this kitchen every day for the next decade.”

If they are disappointed by the answers to any of these questions, then they might not meet that asking price that you hold so dear.

Any kitchen designer worth their salt will help you create an effective space for a smooth evening workflow. They will lay everything out correctly and ensure there is enough storage space to help keep everything clutter-free.

Room to extend?

Are you really serious about adding value to your home? Then you might want to add some more square footage.

After all, a bigger home should equate to bigger numbers in your house value, right?

Some of the finest kitchen remodelling jobs that we have worked on over the last few years have been when the homeowner has extended their kitchen out of the front or back.

Doing this usually opens up the possibility of adding some really interesting features, like having a spacious open-plan kitchen-dining-living space or adding more natural light with roof lights and large floor-to-ceiling windows.  

If you choose this route, not only are you adding more square footage, but you are also creating a new feature room in which prospective buyers won’t be able to resist imagining their future.

Skimp on the ‘nice to have’ features

There are all sorts of little luxuries that can enhance a kitchen. Clever storage features and pop-up plug sockets can be a real bonus when you are using a kitchen.

The issue, of course, is that these features are largely invisible and unnecessary. Including them is unlikely to add all that much to your asking price.  

And while they can make your kitchen a whole lot more functional and enjoyable, the costs associated with these little luxuries can mount up quickly. If you are planning on using the kitchen for a good few years after you upgrade it, then these bonuses might make sense.

But if you are looking to turn the house over quickly, then you are unlikely to recover any money you spend on them in the asking price.

Splash out on premium features

You shouldn’t skimp on everything, however.

If you want to add value to your home then you will need to choose some areas where you are going to splash out and make a big impact.

This could be something as simple as premium branded ovens or smart tiling in key areas. If you really want to turn some heads with your luxury kitchen refurb, however, then you want to splash out on luxurious materials.

Natural stone is a great way to go if you want to add a sense of glamour with your kitchen refurb. If you do choose a premium countertop to raise the asking price, then make sure you get the perfect piece by visiting a stone craft business like Cheshire Graniteline.

They will be able to help you pick out the perfect stone kitchen worktop to suit your design. And if you do want to keep your budget down, they will also be able to show you some beautiful cut-price materials like quartz which can have a startling effect for a lower price.

Have any more questions? Give us a call and arrange to come down to our Cheshire workshop to find out what you can work with. Call: 01606 841 074.

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