The best kitchen online planner tools

Want a new kitchen for 2016? Not sure where to start? Well look no further.

The internet is a treasure trove of kitchen planning tools and inspiration guides. We’ve put together a quick list of our favourites. Please take a look and if you need any more advice then please get in touch.

We love helping clients plan their kitchens and we’ve done some pretty awesome ones in our time. Just look at our gallery.

Kitchen inspiration


Houzz is a great resource for anyone looking for kitchen inspiration – think of it like a kind of Facebook for interior design tips.

There’s thousands upon thousands of user-submitted photos all categorised into rooms, periods and styles. Browse through some of the look books and choose a style which you think would look good in your kitchen.

We think Houzz is a good place to start because there’s just so much there. You’ll almost definitely find something which suits your tastes. You can check out Cheshire Graniteline’s Houzz profile here.


Pintrest is another treasure trove of kitchen inspiration photos. Type in any combination of styles and see what takes your fancy.

It’s also a place where all sorts of home publications hang out and post the most up to date designs and styles.  

We think that Pintrest is great for choosing those little tiny features which distinguish your space. Be warned though, you can easily lose hours of your day once you’ve started pinning.

Kitchen planning tools


Another essential when it comes to planning your kitchen is a CAD layout programme. Our favourite is EasyPlanner3D.

It can be used to plan home interior layouts in any room in the house but the range of kitchen planning options is second to none.

It’s great for planning where cabinets are going to go and planning a ‘flow’ to your kitchen.

Design guides

Cheshire Graniteline Kitchen Design Guide

Not to brag (okay maybe a little), but we think that our kitchen design guide is one of the best on the internet. It covers everything from laying out your kitchen in the right way to choosing a style to the finishing touches.

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