The best kitchen accessories to complement your granite countertop

Granite looks great in kitchens. The sleek and modern feel created by a granite worktop will instantly bring any kitchen into the 21st century.

Sometimes though, your existing kitchen components won’t match the ultra-polished feel that a granite counter generates.

That’s why we’ve put together some of our favourite ultra-modern kitchen accessories, utensils and equipment that complement Cheshire Graniteline products perfectly.


Sink photo

Photo courtesy of Bluci

Choosing a sink for your kitchen will depend first of all on the available space. Our favourite sinks are usually square or rectangular with smooth lines  all round.

The other choice you must make is what material your sink will be made of. Stainless-steel is a firm choice for the lovers of sheek, however, more traditional designs such as this Belfast sink can complements granite tops really well.

Photo courtesy of Reginox

Photo courtesy of Reginox


Our friends at Reginox in Congleton provide a huge range of perfectly formed taps which look just great. Our personal favourite is the Camaya – a flexible faucet which is both stylish and practical.

Bear in mind though that the tap needs to match the sink that it’s partnered with.

Kitchen knives

Photo courtesy of Kin Knives

Photo courtesy of Kin Knives

When choosing kitchen knives it’s not just style that you need to take into account but functionality as well.

Kitchen knives which are made in Japan usually tick both of these boxes – and there is something reassuring about knowing their manufacturing techniques come straight from Samurai culture.

Chopping board

Photo courtesy of Joseph Joseph

Photo courtesy of Joseph Joseph

Chopping boards are absolutely crucial to a smooth-running kitchen. In addition, any professional chef will tell you about the importance of keeping different chopping boards for different food stuffs.

In restaurant kitchens this usually means having different colour-coded boards to suit different purposes – but the practice hadn’t passed over to domestic kitchens, until innovators at Joseph Joseph designed the IndexTM Chopping Board Set.

Coffee machine

Coffee machine

Photo courtesy of Sage by Heston Blumenthal

The best coffee machine is a hotly debated question. Nespresso machines seem to have exploded on the marketplace in recent years, but we are still convinced that you can get a more stylish machine which makes better coffee if you look elsewhere.

If money is no object, and you want to avoid the ‘capsule-chompers’, then we wholeheartedly recommend ‘the Barista ExpressTM’ from Sage by Heston Blumenthal for a true coffee experience.



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