Technistone Kitchen Worktops

Technistone quartz

Another engineered stone, technistone quartz is primarily formed of granite and quartz.  However, technistone is different from silestone in that it also contains both resin and colour pigmentation.  The composition of the material has therefore been carefully considered in order to make it equally functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

As you will see from our range, the variety of patterns and colours of technistone can bestow a slightly more understated feel to your home.  However, as well as looking great, it is non-porous (and therefore perfect for kitchens) and also stronger than granite.

All these factors, taken together, might lead you to decide technistone quartz is a viable alternative to granite for your own kitchen worktops.

Technistone Quartz Worktop Gallery

Browse through our examples of technistone worktops, a perfect engineered stone for the kitchen. Better yet, stop by our Middlewhich artisan workshop in Cheshire to view them in person!