What colour to match with your Technistone kitchen worktop

From the United States of America to Switzerland to Tokyo, Technistone is in a state of universal demand. The appeal of Technistone is tied to the material’s glossy finish and its extreme durability.

Made in the Czech Republic, Technistone is manufactured by mixing quartz crystals with glossy resins, polymers and resins. In modern kitchens, Technistone is stylish enough and tough enough to match even the most destructive of fashionable lifestyles.

Using the best materials and the most cutting-edge mixing and pressing technologies, a Technistone kitchen counter can make a solid centrepiece or feature to any up-to-date kitchen.

But in order to get the most out of your kitchen, you design other features around this centre piece. One of the most important things to get right is the colour scheme. A colour scheme ties a room together, providing continuity and contrast from ceiling to floor and cabinet to counter.

You need to make sure that the colour of the worktop matches other elements in the room, from the colour of the flooring to the colour of amenities like the toaster and kettle.

Below, we’ve suggested some brilliant colour combinations that you can use to achieve the perfect look in your new Technistone kitchen from Cheshire Graniteline.

Note: the colour palettes below are just suggestions for you to explore. We can’t guarantee that every colour combination will work in every kitchen. In our experience, much of this comes down to personal preference but we hope you find some inspiration from this post.

Starlight White Technistone


Starlight White


Starlight white 2 starlight white

Crystal Absolute White Technistone


Crystal Absolute White


Crystal white Crystal white 2


Brilliant Black Technistone

Brilliant Black


Black 2 Black 1

Harmonia Altay Technistone

Harmonia Altay



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