Smart storage ideas for your new kitchen

Finding everything exactly where you need it to be. Making everyday cooking as routine as possible. Do these sound like pipe dreams in your kitchen?

They don’t need to be.

As kitchens get smaller it’s important we make better use of the space. Effective kitchen storage solutions are more stylish and more practical than ever before. Here are some fantastic kitchen storage ideas that you can try out in your fancy new kitchen.

A secret place for bowls and plates

Drawer storage can make it easier to find what you are looking for. 

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A smart looking wire shelving solution

An industrial twist on the open shelving trend. Set this look off with some golden fixtures. 

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Suspended pans above a cooker

Get bulky pans out of the way by hanging them over your hob – exactly where you need them.

A smart solution if you have lots of plates

Want to show off your plate collection? A wooden plate rack is a perfect solution.

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A quick fix for ugly cabinets

Sick of looking at those ugly cabinets? Removing the doors can give a surprisingly smart look. 

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Vintage shelving with vintage accessories

Rescue some wood from an architectural salvage yard and top it with accessories for a vintage look. 

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A homemade pantry with extra storage space

This family sealed up one of the three entrances to their kitchen to create an extra pantry with loads of storage space.

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Mason jars labelled with chalk marker

Lots of leftovers to keep track of? Mason jars work great with chalk markers.

An organised utensil drawer

Never find the potato peeler when you need it? This slide out utensil cupboard will get you organised. 

A neatly organised shelving unit

Ingredients belong in jars, try this in your kitchen. 

A professionally organised pantry

Get inspiration from this professionally organised pantry.

Sliding wooden pantry doors

Looking for something a bit different? These sliding pantry doors can cover an entire wall.

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