Smart Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances

Struggling to decide where you want to situate your kitchen appliances? These 10 layout ideas will help maximise space and make cooking, cleaning, and mealtimes more enjoyable.

1. Conceal extractor fan

Extractor fans don’t need to be a feature in your kitchen. A discreet extractor placed in an alcove above the cooker will make the most of an awkward space.

2. Appliance convenience

Fitting appliances such as ovens and integrated fridge-freezers each side of the hob, will ensure that food items and utensils are within arms-each when cooking.

3. Make it sociable

If you want a kitchen island to create a separation between your dining and kitchen space, think about putting your hob on there. This way you are able to keep an eye on kids doing their homework or chat to whilst you’re cooking.

4. Take them off the floor

Appliances are always under the worktops, right? Not necessarily. You should consider raising your appliances above ground-level, and you will find out that simple tasks like loading and unloading a dishwasher so much easier.

5. Put the microwave at eye level

Microwaves are often seen as a necessary evil; many parents will tell you they are a lifesaver when you are time constricted for cooking meals. But when it comes to kitchen design, they take up far too much worktop space. This is why we recommend that you install them at eye level.

6. Create a bank of ovens

Placing all appliances in one bank depends on whether you have a large enough kitchen. You should look to pair them by type e.g. oven, hob, and microwave. To maintain a symmetrical and elegant configuration, you should look to purchase from the same manufacturers.

7. Have a wet zone

Positioning your washing machine/tumble dryer and dishwasher either side of your sink allows you to have all cleaning appliances in one section. Also, with all plumbing in one place, it makes life easier when having your kitchen fitted and if any issues occur.

8. Make the cooker a focal point

Many designers suggest that when designing a kitchen that you should make the cooker a centre point of the room, if possible. The main function of a kitchen is to cook so, the other appliances are all there to support this.

9. Move the washing machine elsewhere

If space is restricted in the kitchen, consider moving your washing machine to another room e.g. Utility room, garage, spare bedroom, or hall. You could also follow the very European option and situate it in the bathroom. However, this may take a lot more work to put into action, since you must ensure it complies with British Standard regulations.

10. You needn’t keep your fridge and cooker apart

For many years, experts have warned agains situating the fridge too near heat emitting appliances like the cooker, as this would have an effect on how it holds its temperature. But, as technology advances, things are changing. All good appliances are now well-insulated and shouldn’t emit much heat or coolness, which is good news if you have an awkward space. If you do position your fridge next to your oven, ensure that you include a small 50mm gap just to be safe.