Six recipe-remixes to spice up Pancake Day

Are you sick and tired of floppy pancakes soaked in lemon juice? Shake things up this Shrove Tuesday and try a pancake batter remix.

Sweet or savoury? Light bite or hearty breakfast? Fluffy or flat? Everyone will find something to enjoy on this list.

Espresso chocolate chip pancakes

These chocolate covered, coffee smothered espresso chip pancakes are the height of luxury. Whether you are looking for a breakfast that’s really going to get you moving, or a sensual desert fit for a queen – these pancakes are guaranteed to hit the spot.

Espresso chip pancakes from Dessert For Two

Beer and bacon pancakes

Yes you read that right. These boozy pancakes come courtesy of Mothership who’ll be serving them at two of their London restaurants on Tuesday. Incorporating beer batter, crispy bacon, fried eggs and a sweet malty maple-beer sauce – these pancakes are enough to wet even the driest appetite.

Beer and bacon pancakes published in the Metro

Spinach, artichoke and brie pancakes with a sweet honey sauce

The ultimate savoury pancake. This crepe ticks those three magic flavour boxes of healthy greens, creamy cheese and a sweet honey glaze. At times like this it is worth remembering what Shrove Tuesday is all about. Traditionally the day is about using up your stores before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. In this spirit you could use up any greens you don’t want in a pancake.

Spinach, artichoke and brie crepe from Half Baked Harvest

Potato pancakes

If your family prefers a heartier breakfast then why not try these chunky pancakes, made by adding mashed potato to the batter mix. Serve with bacon and eggs for a proper British breakfast feel.

Potato pancakes on BBC GoodFood

Gluten-free pancakes with flair

Seven per cent of adults say they avoid gluten because of an allergy or intolerance, and a further eight per cent avoid it as part of a healthy lifestyle. Keep everyone happy on Shrove Tuesday by substituting rice milk and rice flour into your recipe and add some chocolate and banana for a touch of flair.

Gluten-free pancakes from the Telegraph

American style pancakes

If you are looking for an alternative to the humble French crepe on Shrove Tuesday then why not try these fluffier American style pancakes. Kids grow up seeing happy stacks of these pancakes on American television shows, but rarely see them in real life. Make childhood dreams come true by serving with loads of syrup and cream.

Fluffy American pancakes from the BBC

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