Silestone Kitchen Worktops

Silestone patterns and colours

The popularity of silestone as a material for kitchen counter tops has grown hugely in recent years. An ‘engineered stone’, silestone is actually a composite of quartz and resin, fused together to create a durable, robust and above all practical material for the kitchen.

Silestone is practical in that its particular composition renders its surface difficult for bacteria to flourish. In fact, this can present an advantage over granite, whilst remaining a more economic option. Silestone is available in a range of contemporary colours, which include a very natural, organic look.

Silestone is almost the same weight and density as granite, is cut to fit in the same way and benefits from the same durability and long life. However, in terms of aesthetics, its particular composition gives the surface the appearance of marble, which can have very obvious benefits in terms of a beautiful and elegant surface material.

So, as beautiful as marble and yet as durable as granite. Perhaps it’s not hard to see why the popularity of silestone has grown.

Silestone Worktop Surface Gallery

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