Repairing damaged granite – how to fix cracks, marks and chips

Is your kitchen worktop cracked or damaged? Perhaps it’s covered in rings or other marks, or maybe it just looks a bit tired and in need of some TLC. Our expert craftsmen can help.

Repair kitchen surface Repairing a damaged stone worktop isn’t always easy or cheap – it is normally less expensive than replacing the unit but even so, learning how to care for your granite before it gets damaged is advisable.

If it is too late for that then you have a number of options depending on the type of damage.

Repairing chipped granite

Granite is an incredibly tough option for your kitchen surface. The stone can withstand an awful lot of strain without failing.

Occasionally though, minor chips and scratches do appear, no matter how well you care for your surface.

The edge of your worktop is the section that is most likely to be damaged. This is where the stone is weakest and lacking in support.

There are a range of fillers that can be used to repair these kinds of cracks. Many of them work well, and a good craftsman should be able to restore your counter so that any repair is almost invisible.

Give your granite a fresh edge finish

Edge finishing is one of the most difficult granite crafts to master. Most installers will be able to offer simple finishes like the ‘Pencil’ edge – but those with more experience can offer more elaborate finishes such as the ‘Dupoint’ or ‘Deep Ogee’ finish.

Depending on the position and/or severity of a granite crack or chip, it may be possible to hide it by grinding the granite down with a fresh edge.

A new edge-finish though isn’t just for when you have a crack in your granite. A new line up can make a tired old granite surface look as good as new.

To find out about the range of edge-finishes offered by Graniteline, click here.

Repairing countertop marks or rings

Rings and other marks can be a nuisance with granite and other stone worktops – these pesky stains can ruin an otherwise perfect looking granite counter.

Light buffing or certain chemical treatments can, in many cases, remove these stains or at least make them less noticeable.

If these treatments don’t work then a more rigorous re-polishing job might be required. This kind of treatment is more expensive but it can give your worktop a whole new lease of life.

Fixing kitchen top cracks the right way

If your granite counter has a crack then it is likely for a reason. Cracks don’t just appear, so it’s important to identify the source of the crack and avoid it happening again.

Often, if your stone surface has cracked in the centre, it will be because there is a lack of proper support underneath the unit. If your worktop is cracked above a dishwasher, it may be due to a lack of steam ventilation in the system.

A thorough repair job should address these issues so that history doesn’t end up repeating itself.

If you want to talk about your granite worktop don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert craftsmen on 01606 841 074.

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