Refurbing your kitchen….and worktops!

If, like me, you are getting a little… well, bored of your kitchen, and are thinking of a refit, our very best advice would be to spend some initial time standing in your kitchen, and simply thinking. That way you can construct an image of your ideal kitchen using some rather old-fashioned software called your imagination!
Of course there are many factors to consider for such a major undertaking. So to give you some pointers on which your imagination can build, here’s a 10-point plan to what you might be thinking about…

remodelling your kitchen?1. The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. You will use it for cooking and for socialising, so bear that in mind when planning how best to use your available space. However, beyond the fancy stuff, the kitchen is the workhorse of the home too; the space where the family gather and eat. So think about the layout of your new kitchen and aspects such as seating and breakfast bars etc, as these are the areas that will get the most use in day-to-day family life.
2. It’s easy for the imagination to run wild, but you must also rein that in and think practically. In terms of the counters, consider the best height for those using the kitchen – is anyone in your house particularly small, or tall? My wife, for instance, is left-handed, so any redesign needs necessarily to take that into account.

3. Don’t fall into the trap of designing your kitchen without consideration of the space around it. After all, it remains only one room from the many that make up your home, and needs therefore to fit in and to contribute to an overarching and harmonious feel to the house.

4.The above is especially true with an open-plan kitchen which, in effect, spills into the other areas of the house. So don’t go for a country cottage kitchen in a new-build city centre apartment!

5. Also bear in mind, however, that the kitchen should feel like a different room, that encapsulates your taste and style and offers an insight into your personality.

6. Think ergonomics as well as economics. Your kitchen should look great, of course, but it should also be easy to navigate. This is a working room, remember, so try to do what you can to ease your cooking experience.

7. As an addendum to ergonomics, also think of the functionality of the space – its maintenance and cleaning. Not the most exciting areas to consider, perhaps, but you will thank yourself for your initial forethought.

8. Spend some time thinking about the appliances, both the models you choose and the planning for where they will go. Good appliances can bring the form and function of the kitchen to life.

9. However, having now given some time to the practicalities, let your imagination run free and consider the aesthetics – the look of your new kitchen. Of course you need your kitchen to work for you, but if you’re spending that time and money on the refit, it really needs to look good as well!

10. In terms of countertops, there is nothing worse that watching shabby Formica peeling from a kitchen surface. Of course granite forms the perfect material: solid, stylish ergonomic. Granite is very easy to keep clean, saving you time and effort. But more than that, it looks fantastic. Have a look around the granite options on our site, and imagine how that might work with your own dream kitchen.

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