Pop up fixtures for your kitchen island

We love kitchen islands. They are great for boosting counterspace, increasing storage space and creating more spots for the family to sit during the day and at meal times.

But if you want to install a kitchen island, there are some important design considerations that you need to take account of.

One issue with kitchen islands is that there is often no obvious place to put amenities and fixtures like plug sockets and extractors fans.

These might normally be placed out of the way on a wall, but this is not possible with a kitchen island.

You could just put the plug sockets flat on the countertop, but this might spoil the look of your lovely stone countertop. It could also interrupt your kitchen’s nice clean lines.

Equally, you could hang an extractor unit over your kitchen island cooker – but this could make an otherwise light and airy kitchen appear cluttered and shut off.

One solution to these problems is to make use of pop-up fixtures that appear, as if from nowhere, when they’re needed.

Pop-up plug sockets

The perfect way of concealing additional plug sockets in your kitchen.

Do you struggle finding somewhere to plug your phone in when you’re cooking?

Are the kids sick of getting the extension lead out so they can do their homework in the kitchen?

A pop-up plug socket in your kitchen island could be the perfect solution.

The metal topped pop-up power sockets are all but invisible when the socket is retracted into the surface.

You pop the system by pressing down on top of the cover and releasing a clean tower of sockets. You can see how the plugs sit in a fresh new kitchen for one of our recent Cheshire clients.

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Pop-up extractor fan

Set in the middle of a room, a kitchen island is the perfect place to put a hob, where you do most of your intensive cooking.

But putting an big bulky extractor hub over your kitchen island will restrict your view of what’s happening in the kitchen and ruin the airy feel of your space.

An extractor fan that rises up out of your kitchen island at the touch of a button is a functional and elegant solution.

These fans have multiple speed settings, lights and everything you would expect from an overhead solution. Some of them also have innovative LED displays that are sure to impress.

Here is an example of a pop-up extractor fan fitting in a Starlight White countertop installed recently in Cheshire.


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