Pick the right granite colour for your kitchen

Creating the perfect kitchen in your home takes time and careful planning – as well as a keen eye for style. Perhaps the most important decision you have to make relates to the colour scheme of your kitchen.

Elements of kitchen colour

  • Cabinets
  • Countertop
  • Accessories

Once you have decided on a style (modern, traditional, retro etc.) and a colour scheme (do you want it muted or vibrant? Two tone or multi-coloured? Touches of red or burgundy?), you need to make sure that the cabinets, countertops and accessories all fit in to the parameters of your colour scheme.

It is crucial that you make sure that the three key elements of kitchen colour do not clash. This is the most important thing you can do because although colour schemes matter, a clashing kitchen will haunt you for a long time.

Most kitchen clashes occur when the cabinets and countertops don’t match. Accessories can jar slightly sometimes, but these are relatively inexpensive to replace.

Most popular kitchen granite colours in the UK

As a nation we love simple kitchen colours. These kind of inoffensive colours, particularly blacks, whites and greys, make for a really clean look and rarely clash with one another.

Most of this though is down to taste and all colours can look good – what makes them exceptional is when they contrast well with the other colours in your kitchen.

Below we have collated some examples of our favourite work and provided a brief explanation of why we like them.

Granite colour inspiration

12As you can see, this job is full of appealing contrast. The photo on the left shows the brilliant ‘Dark Suede’ granite sitting on top of clean wooden cabinets. The team were particularly proud of the natural wooden beam left over the oven – we felt this finishing touch really sets the design off nicely.

The photo on the right shows that this job included a two-tone design, with a black granite around the outside and an off-white island in the centre.

This contrast is bold but works well in this case because the kitchen is quite large and the design is consistent throughout.

zebra stripes

Above is another project of which we are particularly proud. The granite colour in this case is called Silver Paradiso. As you can see the base colour is a deep black but then this is painted over with silvery wisps which break up the block colour.

The key areas of contrast in this design lie in the sheer white cabinets, which work well with the zebra striped granite and the patterned wallpaper behind which add a mature feel to the setting.

This project also shows that granite does not just have to be restricted to the kitchen and can utilised well in other places like in bars and fireplaces.

White design

In this design you can see the colour scheme reversed. Many people think that white countertops will just show up stains more obviously – but this photo shows that these practical concerns are nothing compared to the sheer beauty of white granite.

The previous photos showcased wooden cabinets which were painted white, but in this design the homeowner has chosen an acrylic plastic material. This reflective material gives the kitchen a more modern feel and looks great with the white top.

In this design you can also see how the minor accessories like the black plant pot and white leather chair can really top off a design.

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