Panda Granite: Our favourite black and white jobs

To celebrate International Panda Day, held on the 16th of March, Cheshire Graniteline is showcasing some of the best black and white natural stone jobs that we have worked on over the years.

Pandas are one of the most endangered members of the bear family, but their black and white coats have helped make them a firm favourite with people all over the world.

Think how excited everybody gets over a new panda birth. We think it has more than a little bit to do with the somewhat unusual colour scheme that pandas have.

Why is the black and white colour palette so popular?

Penguins, pandas, tuxedos and black and white photographs – all of them are popular the world over, but why?

The black and white colour palette has a certain timeless quality to it. The tuxedo will never go out of fashion just as sure as Newcastle United FC and Juventus will surely be playing in black and white for the next century.

Black and white is also the purest expression of contrast. It is complete darkness caste against complete white, completeness and nothingness.

It is of little wonder then, that so many people choose black and white colour schemes for the natural stone on their kitchen counters and in other commercial spaces.

Black and white granite

Black and white galley bar kitchen

black and white galley kitchen bar twoThe kitchen is probably the most obvious place to use black and white granite, but as you can see it makes quite an effect. This commercial galley style kitchen used a very striking slice of granite – predominantly black with white streaks running parallel to the counter’s edge.

Remember that every slice of granite is completely unique. There won’t be another one that looks like this in the whole world.

Modern black and white kitchens

black and white modern kitchen two black and white modern kitchen

The black and white motif clearly also works in modern style kitchens. These two jobs which we completed last year use a much more uniform colour scheme.

As you can see there are no marks or streaks in the granite, just sold block colour and deep contrast between the countertop and the cupboard panels.

Black and white stone fireplace

white and black granite fireplace

Black and white natural stone isn’t just for the kitchen. This large fireplace unit uses chunky granite to create an imposing effect on the room.

Primarily in white with thin black scratches, this fireplace uses a more subtle colour scheme than some of the other projects in this collection. But in this setting, we think it works really well.

Black and white floor border

black and white floor unit granite

For this fional project we used granite in a place we don’t do very often, but the effect is just as spectacular as in other projects. The white granite floor with black border lining was installed in an upmarket bathroom setting.

The owners were very happy with how this project turned out.

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