Outdoor summer BBQ area for your garden

Summer is officially here and it seems to have brought some nice weather for a change.

In fact, at times the weather has actually been too hot, as the beating sun and never-ending humidity bring motivation to work crashing down.

Yes, this summer has already brought the hottest July day on record as well as some pretty spectacular thunderstorms. And while predicting the weather is not our forte, we feel fairly confident that the extreme sunny weather will continue.

This raises a question which is not often asked in the North West. What do we do when the sun comes out and the temperature goes up sky high?

Some like to crank up the AC and wait it out. Some prefer to find a nice beer garden while others like to dip in the pool.

One thing which we all like to do and which unites families, friends and neighbours is to fire up the barbeque.

Making the perfect outdoor cooking space

Serious grill-heads know that throwing a successful barbeque requires the right equipment. Old-timer barbeque fanatics can easily spend a long afternoon debating the relative merits and demerits of having a gas powered grill rather than a coal one.

In our own opinion, as long as there’s enough food it doesn’t really matter what’s fuelling your grill.

In our book, the most important ingredient to a successful BBQ party is the outdoor eating area. It’s crucial that there’s enough room to prepare and serve your food, otherwise you end up being the mid-air chef.

We’ve all been there, trying to separate sausage links in mid-air because the table is too far away. Or letting the burgers get a little bit too black because you have no room to put them aside.

Just like your kitchen, your outdoor cooking area should be functional around your style of cooking.

To demonstrate what we mean we’ll use this example of a grill which we installed in a Cheshire town last summer.


The gentleman who hired us asked us to build him the ultimate grilling spot where friends and family could come together and enjoy the hot weather.

For the sake of functionality we pressed the grill area up to one wall of the garden. This meant that the outdoor eatery did not come to dominate the garden space when it not in use. It also meant that the high garden wall would shield against wind when lighting the grill.

The (impressively large) grill was installed next to a large granite table surface which could be used in a number of different ways. It can be a preparation area, a serving area or a kind of outdoor ‘breakfast’ bar for close-knit family occasions.

Granite was the perfect material for this outdoor table area. Clearly it looks great and the sleek blackness perfectly matches the washed-out brickwork and gun metal grill. Granite is also an incredibly hardwearing material meaning that it can stay outside all year round without being damaged.

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