NY Resolution: Update that aging kitchen

It’s that time of year again, when millions of Brits make New Year’s Resolutions that will almost certainly be broken by the first week of February.

This year, make your resolution to update that dusty old kitchen and count the ways that 2016 improves on 2016. Getting a modern granite kitchen from Cheshire Graniteline could have serious benefits for your family life, your social status and your waistline.

The heart of every home

Many Britons spend most of their time in the kitchen. It’s the place where most of our cultural rituals take place and the pump which keeps life ticking over.

Is the design of your kitchen beginning to look a bit dated? Do friends make a point of gathering at other people’s houses instead of your own? Is ‘family time’ limited to a quick bite before it is back to the TV room? Refit your kitchen and watch as some of your other New Year’s Resolutions become reality.

Spend more time with the family

Spending more with the family is a popular resolution for Brits. A lot of working adults feel like they are missing out on children growing up or on time spent with another loved one. But many who fall into this category don’t have an actionable plan that they can use to maximise family time.

For these people, a kitchen remodel could be just what the family doctor ordered. One tenant of modern kitchen design is to create a multipurpose family space. Creating this kind of space often means choosing an open plan kitchen, with tables and soft furnishings (and possibly a television) placed strategically throughout. In this way your kitchen can be transformed from a simple food preparation into a great family space that can be used all evening long.

See more of your friends

IMG_0299Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher, believed that happiness requires three things: freedom, space for self-reflection and friendship. Actively going out and seeing your friends remains an incredibly important happiness ritual – especially as you get older and social bonds get more difficult to maintain.

When Epicurus moved to Athens, he bought a large house in the middle of town and asked a group of friends to move in with him. Obviously this won’t be practical for everyone, but installing a new kitchen might be. Epicurus thought that we should never eat alone because “A feeding without a friend is the life of a lion or a wolf.”

If you want your kitchen to become the go-to entertainment space for your tribe then install a large dining table and a plate glass wine cooler too.

Eat healthier

Getting healthy is probably the most common New Year’s Resolution and eating well is a big part of this. Unfortunately, ideas about eating healthy are often overcomplicated to the point where they are ineffective, unsustainable or just downright stupid. Diets which force you to fast intermittently or cut out complete food groups (what’s wrong with gluten anyway) are very and easy to break out of.

We think that eating healthier should be more about preparing solid, well rounded meals and cutting out processed and sugary snacks in between. Ditching the fish fingers and microwaveable pasta dishes in favour or healthier, full flavour meals might mean that you have to spend a bit more time in the kitchen, but that won’t be a problem if you have made your kitchen a lovely place to be.

Rediscovering the joy of cooking not only holds extra health benefits but it will also undoubtedly make you more popular with your friends and family.

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