Marble Worktops by Cheshire Granite Line

Marble worktop styles

Marble is formed from metamorphic rock, which transforms from limestone to marble under the influences of intense pressure and heat.  As the original limestone still runs through this new material via its characteristic “veins”, no two pieces will ever be the same.

This gives marble its organic, illusive allure.  At Granite Line, we appreciate the beauty that marble holds, and the elegance it can bring to any home.  Despite these factors, marble need not cost as much as you might think, often ending up a more economic option than granite.

However, you should always bear in mind that marble is a softer material.  So, possibly smoother in looks, but less hard-wearing, and forgiving, in a busy kitchen environment.

There are examples of all of these materials within the  Granite Line site.  However, 2D images can never do justice to their simple, organic beauty.  If you have any further questions, therefore, either call our showroom or, even better, come and see us.

Marble Worktop Gallery

Nothing can beat the experience of being up close to granite, quartz or marble; nothing can beat the experience of physically running your hands across these gorgeous surfaces.