Marble staircases for hotels and restaurants

Our small team of expert craftsmen love making beautiful staircases for businesses and homes.

Making bespoke stone staircases is one of the most complicated jobs which we undertake, but they always look fantastic when finished.

Grand marble staircase in hotel lobby

1_staircasesThis project ranks among the teams personal favourites. Crafting each stair and installing them precisely took a lot of painstaking work, but when the hard work was finished it was obvious that it had been worthwhile.

When planning this project we paid particular attention to how the staircase would rest with other elements in the room.

We took into account the (plentiful) natural light as well as the colour of the floor and walls. In consultation with the owner we eventually decided on a shock-white marble, with only the faintest natural lines.

This colour choice resonated perfectly with the wrought metal bannister installation and gave the entrance a really inviting feel. Warm, with a touch of luxury.

Floating marble stair installation

Zebra striped marble staircase Stone staircase office blockThis was a very different project to the above hotel staircase. The restauranteur wanted the grandness of a stonework staircase, but didn’t want the installation to dominate the room (or the hefty price tag).

Working with the owner we decided on a floating marble staircase, suspended between white wooden guiding boards and frosted glass side panels. The colour scheme and the built-in spotlights gave the staircase an airy, non-imposing feel which worked well with the rest of the room.

Clearly this design is a lot more modern than the previous project. These kind of ‘floating’ staircases are proving popular in bars, restaurants and office blocks while the more traditional block designs are still popular with hotels and country homes.

Outdoor stone stairs

In addition to these indoor designs, stone staircases also work incredibly well outside. A unique durability and weather toughness make stone steps perfect for patios, decks and pool areas (even in rainy Cheshire).

Do you think a stone staircase would look good in your place of business? Talk to one of our craftsmen about your needs and we can sketch an idea for how it might look. Make your idea a reality today. Call: 01606 841 074

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