Kitchen lighting inspiration

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the lighting should be made a top priority. Paying attention to light – both natural and synthetic – is the easiest way to turn a good kitchen design into a great kitchen design.

The team at Cheshire Graniteline are well practised at bringing together different project elements to get the very most out of any given space.

Take a look at some of our previous work below and get some inspiration for your own kitchen.

Natural kitchen light

Making the most of what you have is a critical part of home improvements. Nowhere is this truer than when making the most out of natural light.

To emphasise your kitchen’s natural light you need to be aware of a few different things. Ask yourself, which direction is your kitchen pointing in, how big are the windows and are there any trees or high fences blocking the sun?

Your kitchen layout and design should work with these factors to create a balanced space.

Beautiful L-shape kitchen islandMonolith-granite-kitchen-island-420x315

The above photos are examples of bespoke and well-designed kitchens. For various reasons, these two spaces did not receive that much natural sunlight so our design team had to make the most out of what was available.

We used elements like a shiny white floor (left), a spattered white island (right), reflective cabinets (both) and glass ornaments to accentuate what sunlight was there.

Under cabinet lighting

Getting the most out of any natural light is one thing, but no matter how much you want it to, the sun will not always shine on your property.

This means that an artificial lighting arrangement is necessary. There are several different ways of planning your kitchen lighting and a number of options open to designers. Today, many people opt for ceiling spotlights because they are quite minimal and stylish.


Another subtle, attractive and practical way of adding light to your kitchen is to use under-cabinet lights. These can either be light strips or spotlights and they are a great way to boost light levels in your kitchen. They are also handy when it comes to making a late night snack because they fully illuminate your food preparation area.

The above photo uses a subtle ‘yellow’ light to light up a more reserved kitchen design.

Neon-style kitchen lighting

Dark-granite-counter-with-blue-neon-lights-314x235One of our specialities at Cheshire Graniteline is using coloured lights or ‘neon-style’ bulbs  which we use to add some vibrancy to special projects.

When installed right, these lights can look fantastic and they are a great way of giving your kitchen that ‘wow’ factor. These bulbs come in all kinds of colours but we think that the subtler notes work best.

A neon-style light bulb installation means that you can switch from family kitchen to night time party spot with the flick of a switch.

To talk through your design ideas with a member of the team call: 01606 841 074. Alternatively you can find more kitchen design inspiration in our kitchen worktop gallery.

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