Kitchen design: Which worktop matches white cupboards?

White kitchen cupboards and units have become very popular. The clean and muted tones have proved a firm hit with homeowners and interior designers across Europe and the Americas.

One of the best things about white kitchen cupboards is that they will match with all sorts of flooring and worktop combinations. But for indecisive people (like me) this can be a curse as well as a blessing.

If you are struggling to choose a worktop to match your kitchen then feel free to browse this blog post and our gallery for some inspiration.

Silestone Unsui Suede finish counter and gloss white side units in Holmes Chapel

Unsui Silestone with a suede finish and gloss white handleless units

We achieved this ultra modern finish on a recent project in Holmes Chapel. Here, success is all about contrast in colours and textures. The lovely smooth feel of suede Silestone is set off perfectly by the glossy finish on the units below and to the side. Clever use of neutral and pastel colours helped us retain a sense of simplicity.

Bronze speckled kitchen island with white cabinets

Bronze splattered granite and brilliant white wooden cupboards

This client wanted something a little more classic and simple. Taking some inspiration from the Mediterranean, we chose to juxtapose the simple and the elegant in this two tone design. The brilliant white of the worktop, and the simple handles are brought to life by the depth and breadth of colours in the speckled slice of terracotta and bronze granite.

Monolithic kitchen island

Monolithic marble worktop with white cupboards

For this project, the client wanted something with a little more impact. They chose a white motif to continue through the whole kitchen with white units covered by a monolithic white and black marble worktop. These monlithic kitchen islands have a dominating effect on ktichens and are great for making a statement.

Black stone coutner and white wood cabinet

Simple black and white kitchen

This simply elegant kitchen is a firm favourite project for the Graniteline team. The homeowner has not tried to do anything fancy, employing a good quality carpenter to make the units and a good quality granite company to source and fit the worktop. Black and white, ebony and ivory – one of the most basic but longest enduring partnerships. This design will never get old.

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