Inspiration: Australian terrace’s inside outside kitchen

Here’s an attractively simple idea for sun lovers and BBQ enthusiasts. This Australian terrace’s kitchen has been stretched out into a small garden courtyard with an extra-long kitchen worktop.

Benn + Penna Architecture converted and extended a dilapidated terrace in one of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, making clever use of the narrow space to create a light and airy home.

Spaces that are long and narrow can be difficult to illuminate and fill with furniture.

The architects were briefed by the property’s sun-loving owner to improve the space’s natural light and create a seamless connection between the garden, kitchen and living space.

“The brief was to transform a previously introverted and dilapidated terrace house into one that is spacious and full of light,” the architects told architecture and design magazine Dezeen.

“The client requested seamless connections between kitchen, living and dining spaces, as well as to the garden space at the rear of the property.”

The architects extended out of the rear of the terraced property, creating an elongated garden come kitchen come living space separated only by a folding glass door between the kitchen and garden and a floating staircase between the kitchen and living room.

The garden and kitchen are drawn together with a long kitchen cabinet that runs along the kitchen wall and the exterior courtyard wall. Outside it incorporates a built in barbeque before stooping down for guests to sit on.

Light materials were used throughout the house to help light bounce off walls and services and illuminate dark corners.

Martin of Cheshire Graniteline said: “The architects have made good use of a thin space. Terraced houses can feel quite cramped but extending the worktop out into the garden is a great way of making a space feel bigger. There’s lots of terraced houses in and around Manchester, but the weather makes it a bit less appealing than in sunny Sydney.

“If you are inspired by this long worktop arrangement, and want to makeover an outdoor space, then make sure you use a hard-wearing material like granite or quartz for your kitchen counter. And make sure you maintain it properly.”

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