How to plan your kitchen island

Designing a kitchen that fits around the demands of a busy home life is difficult because every family is unique. So if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen you need to ensure that it is compatible with your personal set of family and spatial requirements.

granite kitchen island design tipsMany of our customers have found their own piece of domestic paradise by opting for a granite kitchen island. Because their shape, size and features are so customisable, it is easy to make a kitchen space that you and your family will treasure years to come.

Because islands can typically be accessed from different sides and different heights, they are much better at bringing people together. Another reason for their growing popularity is that ‘Island- style’ kitchens tend to feel far more open than their ‘L-shaped’ or ‘U-shaped’ equivalents. Whether you are looking to create a family meeting point, a social honeypot, or you just need more countertop space, a kitchen island is a great solution.

Design your kitchen space around you

Proper planning is the single most important thing when designing a kitchen. There are hundreds of different ways that your island can be customised, but you need to know in advance what it will be used for. For example, if your island is to be the toast or tea making station, then you will need to make sure to include some plug sockets for your toaster or kettle. If you plan to use the island as a food preparation area, then maybe a small washing sink would be useful (just remember that a sink will need connecting to a water supply). And if it’s to be a dining area then make sure that there is ample room for any chairs to be tucked away, so the kitchen doesn’t become too cluttered.

Another crucial consideration when creating your kitchen island is storage. Planning out cabinet space is important if you want to maintain a tidy kitchen. Many kitchen designers offer highly innovative storage solutions such as pull-out shelving, pop-up plug sockets and sliding shelves. Utilising some of these will help you make the most out of every inch of your kitchen.

Granite – timeless beauty

As for the aesthetics of your island, it is important to not go too trendy. Kitchen styles usually come down personal taste so there is no ‘wrong’ choice, however, ultra-modern designs tend to go out of fashion very quickly and need updating every few years to remain fashionable. To avoid this, choose timeless cupboard designs and most importantly, a good quality granite worktop.

At Cheshire Granite Line we have over 15 years of experience delivering quality finished worktops at affordable prices. And our expert craftsmen are always on hand to offer design tips. Get in touch for a free quote or a chat about your options.



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