How to match your kitchen floor with your worktops

It’s Saturday night, and you are dressing to go out for the evening.  There’s some fabulous funky music on the stereo and you and your wardrobe are in an existential battle over what you are going to wear.  And key amongst many of the decisions to be made is how everything will match, from the shoes to the jacket. 

It’s much the same when it comes to kitchen design, as the whole process needs to be considered holistically so that the result is balanced and offers a 360-degree impression that is not only functional but looks good.  Key amongst it all is how it all matches up, in terms of material and colour.  You will no doubt have spent a good deal of money, and time, re-imagining your kitchen and you need the result to have that ‘wow’ factor, as friends and family start to utilise the space.

Five Tips to Match Your Flooring and Countertops

However, what should match with what?  To keep the clothing metaphor going… does what your wearing down below match what’s above the belt? It’s similar with kitchen design, where there are varying factors vying for consideration… do you match the flooring to the cabinets, or to the worktops… or even splashback? 

It’s a philosophical conundrum that would have had Aristotle up all night… were he to have granite worktop in his Athenian kitchen.  Luckily, here at Graniteline we are on hand to offer advice over this mix-and-match dilemma.  But before you contact us, here are five basic rules that you might consider, to ease the process of choosing:

  • First off, a simple piece of advice, but one that might be invaluable in this process.  You may well have chosen your countertops first, so when considering the flooring that is then going to work best, take samples of your worktops/countertops to the flooring store.  That way, you can hold the sample up against flooring you are considering, to get a close-up view of how they work together. 
  • If you have chosen the flooring first, however, simply reverse the process, by bringing a sample of the flooring when choosing your worktops.  You might also do the same for your cabinet material.  This kind of attention will make the final choice all the more easier and the results more seamless and elegant.
  • You don’t want the flooring and the cabinets to be too close in terms of colour. If they are, the effect will be a wash of similar shades when you walk into the kitchen, and that can flatten out the look and feel of the room.  So, if you are using laminate, or wood, in your new kitchen, keep the colour of wood consistent throughout, but balance that out with different coloured kitchen cabinets, or indeed surfaces that are granite, or another contrasting colour to the brown of the wooden floor. 
  • The same holds true if your flooring is to be tiled.  Again, contrast – and therefore complement – the colour of the tiled flooring by choosing a material and colour of countertop, and kitchen unit, at a different point in the colour scale.  If you choose something too similar the effect will once again flatten out the impact of the room.  So… think contrast, and complement in order to highlight tone.  Remember, you want your new countertops to shine and sing out their quality, not be lost amongst a shared smudge of colour.
  • A simple one, but rather like matching coat and shoes, once you do choose a tiled material for the floor, most manufacturers (or indeed kitchen designers, if you are going down that route) will choose a splashback that matches your colour choice for the floor, to finally top everything off.

As we know, the last few years have been a tricky time for the UK economy and with so much uncertainty, people are more and more choosing not to move home, but instead stay put and breathe new life into the homes they already have.  The kitchen is the heart of any home and using this guide, plus the experts at Graniteline, your new kitchen could well feel like an entirely new space.

For help and advice with your kitchen renovation, speak to an expert at Graniteline today. Call: 01606 841 074.

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