How to clean granite worktops

So you’ve invested in a new granite countertop. Good job!

You’ve added value to your home and visitors will be impressed when they see the new kitchen. Now it’s time to protect that investment and keep your granite sparkling for years to come.

Formed centuries ago from volcanic magma, genuine granite is incredibly tough.  But if you are cleaning your granite in the wrong way then it will quickly lose its shine and your granite could grow more liable to cracking.

If you want to keep your granite counter looking fresh for years or decades then you have to look after it well.

Regular cleaning keeps your granite sparkling

Keeping your granite looking its best requires lots of regular attention. To keep it clean and streak/mark-free you should aim to give it a quick clean every day.

You only need to give it a wipe with hot water and a microfiber cloth, but repeating this simple method every day will keep your kitchen worktop sparkling for years to come.

Cleaning tips

  1. For a quick clean just use a small amount of water and a microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces down. To keep your granite looking its best it pays to do this every day.
  2. For a deeper clean use a high quality granite cleaning product. Follow the directions on the label and always check the PH level (see below).
  3. Use a granite sealer to help protect your countertops.

Avoid cleaning products which are too acidic or too alkaline

Genuine stone countertops can be damaged by cleaners which are too acidic or too alkaline.

Always check the label and look for a PH level close to seven (neutral). When in doubt opt for a product labelled as a stone cleaner.

Avoid multi-purpose cleaners and homemade solutions like vinegar and lemon juice. These are great for removing mineral deposits elsewhere in your kitchen but their low PH values also mean they can cause damage to your lovely stone surface.

If you are still unsure then try the product on a small corner of your counter and give it a wipe with your thumb to check it isn’t abrasive.

In case your granite does crack or chip (particularly around the sink area) check out our granite fixing guide.

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