How to Care For Your Granite Worktop

Care for kitchen surface Homeowners take immense pride in their granite worktops, and rightly so. Buying a granite kitchen surface is an investment, not only in the value of your home but in your happiness. Just think of all the mornings you could come downstairs to see that pristine granite countertop shining in the sunlight.

As far as investments go, granite is a safe bet. It is very rare that we are called out to replace or repair a damaged granite worktop. There are, however, some easy ways to make sure your granite surface remains in tip-top condition year after year.

Preventing damage to granite worktops is very straightforward and mostly relies on homeowners exercising a little common sense. Here are some of our top tips:

Protect your granite from scratching

As we’ve said, granite worktops are extremely tough and durable. They are far more scratch-resistant than other choices, like wood or laminate. Even knives, the main source of surface scratching, will do relatively little to your granite top. That said, it is always advisable to use a chopping board, as persistent cutting may damage your granites integrity, especially if you own good knives. Diamonds are often an unexpected source of granite scratches because even the tiniest diamonds are very tough. Ladies with large diamond rings should be careful in the kitchen.

If your granite has become scratched then it’s not the end of the world. Expert granite craftsmen can easily repair granite at relatively little expense.

Protect your kitchen surface from staining

Again, granite is very resistant to stains. However, because granite is an igneous rock it does have some porous qualities. This means that it, if granite remains untreated, it will slowly absorb liquids that are left to rest on it. The most important thing you can do to prevent stains is to treat your granite worktop before using it in your kitchen. Normally treatment will be carried out at the factory, but you may wish to re-treat it yourself during or after installation, if only for your peace of mind.

Regularly cleaning your granite worktop is another way of preventing stains. Soapy water works well, but to maintain your granite’s integrity and shine it’s recommended you use a specialist cleaning product. Make sure you always clean up spillages as soon as possible.

Can hot pans damage granite worktops?

Granite can withstand intense levels of heat. It is born underneath the earth’s surface and shaped over centuries by the heat of volcanoes, so you wouldn’t expect your Tefal to do too much damage to it. Indeed, granite has a melting point of over 1200⁰C, however, if your surface is very cold and your pan very hot, then granite is liable to crack if the two meet. This is exactly the same effect as applying boiling water to a frosted windshield. The common sense way of avoiding your granite cracking is to put something resistant between the surface and the pan. Metal pan bars are a popular and stylish solution but a wooden chopping board works just as well.

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