How to add value to your home by improving your kitchen

Ever catch yourself window shopping at the local estate agents? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Every homeowner likes to keep track of how much their home is worth. Whether you are looking for a quick flip or sitting on a nest egg, it is important to track the local market so you can plan for the future.

In a volatile housing market, where prices have fluctuated wildly in recent years, it is a good idea to add concrete value to your home with some quick and easy improvements. And the best place to start these improvements is unquestionably in the kitchen.

beautiful granite kitchenThe kitchen is the room that really sells a home. Buyers only have to picture their friends gathered around the kitchen table, or to envision themselves helping with homework on the kitchen countertop, and the house is as good as sold.

Add value to your kitchen – cost effectively

The key question to ask when carrying out any improvement of this type is: “will this add value?”

Improvements such as updating appliances or more aesthetic touches like wallpapering can quickly become dated and will do little to affect the long-term resale value of a home. These kinds of improvements are very dependent on personal style and are usually the first thing that new owners will rip out and replace with their own ideas of what is fashionable.

Property gurus recommend that the best place to start when adding long-term resale value is in the kitchen worktop. A good quality and well finished stone counter, which will stand the test of time and sparkle at potential buyers is worth its weight in gold.

Another economical way of adding value in the kitchen is by updating the cupboard doors. This is a very cheap way of ensuring that ‘brand-new’ feel without the need for major kitchen surgery. Make sure to use skilled carpenter for the best possible finish.

Choosing a high quality toaster and kettle is a relatively inexpensive way of adding up to date appliances to your kitchen. We recommend using elegant, high quality units that will complement your worktop without cluttering it up.

The most important thing to bear in mind when updating your kitchen (and the rest of your home for that matter) is to make sure the finish is perfect. Home buyers recognise a house’s faults far more quickly than any positive aspects, especially if the house is more up-market. Minor de-alignments or details out of place will quickly lose points with picky customers. At Cheshire Granite Line we have over 15 years of experience in delivering bespoke finishes, and our master craftsmen guarantee quality workmanship on everything we install.

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