Granite Worktops by Cheshire Granite Line

Granite types, colours and patterns

Granite is a natural material; cooled magma born of the earth.   Tough but elegant, its unique properties mean that it has become ubiquitous in its uses, ultimately moving into the home itself, where it has proved ideal for uses in floor and counter surfaces. In the 21st century, a solid granite surface now signifies the perfect aesthetic feel for a modern kitchen, hallway or bathroom, equally solid and stylish, durable and practical.

No two pieces of naturally-forming granite will ever feature the exact same patterning. Every slab of granite, even of the same type, will feature subtle variations in colour and pattern which makes each exquisitely beautiful, engendering a uniqueness for your home. And yet granite also remains incredibly durable as a material, ideal in a kitchen or bathroom setting, those functional parts of the home that are likely to suffer the most wear and tear.

Cheshire Granite Lines work with a range of gorgeous stones, but granite remains the most popular. We deal with thousands of named colours and types of granite, which can make your choice a tricky, if pleasurable, decision.

Granite Worktop Gallery

To help, please cast your eye over the beautiful granites featured below. These examples will give you a sense of the potential variety of colour, and pattern, and hopefully inspire you to make the choice that works for you. However, if you still feel you need advice, feel free to pick up the phone and call one of the craftsmen at our showroom and workshop.