Granite Worktops in a Kitchen Remodel

These days it costs a fortune to move. You feel like you need to mortgage your house, just to pay to move house! Many people are opting to stay put and instead, re-invent the space they already have. Of course, the kitchen is the beating heart of any home, and as such, is often the first room to think about when it comes to shifting the space around you, rather than you shifting space.

There are many practical, ergonomic and aesthetic factors to consider with a kitchen redesign. If you have the budget to bring in a dedicated kitchen designer, they may well be able to work through some of these areas with you. However, if not, this article will help you consider some of those things to be thinking about including, fundamentally, surfaces… and using granite for worktops.

How big do your countertops need to be?

First off, think about your work surfaces, and how much space you are going to need for your kitchen environment to operate. Apart from being a gorgeous, natural material that will bring any kitchen to life, granite is incredibly hard-wearing and if therefore the perfect material for the kitchen. But how much space will you need, or can you accommodate, in terms of kitchen surfaces? Importantly, think about where the sink will go, and leave yourself with plenty of counter space either side. And remember while such contingencies include surfaces for food preparation, you also need counters to accommodate appliances and all your various kitchen gadgets. The key rule is that the more space you can create, the less cluttered your kitchen will look. And remember your back muscles! Best to keep appliances out, and easily reachable, rather than having to reach down into cabinets all the time. Most importantly… where will the wine rack stand?

kitchen with granite worktops and wooden cupboards

The granite form should fit the kitchen function

Also, think honestly about how your use your kitchen, because it’s very probably fundamental to more than cooking. Beyond functionality, there’s every chance that this is a place where the family congregate. Perhaps you have space for granite-top kitchen island, around which the family can gather, talk, bake or perhaps have breakfast. Conversely, you may just need somewhere to keep everyone apart! In either case, make sure everyone has enough space to sit, and spread out.

Or maybe the kitchen is the hub for entertaining. In that case, imagine how wonderful your kitchen will look with genuine granite counter tops. And how functional those tops will also be, in terms of casually abandoned coffee mugs, or even knocked-over glasses of wine.

At the other end of the spectrum perhaps it’s just you and a partner… or even you alone. In those cases you’ll need to create a cosy corner, somewhere you can sit and read, or talk, or perhaps simply somewhere you can sit with a cup of tea and the post, going through your correspondence; all the while leaning on a surface that you can trust.

Be honest about the space you have and what you are able to do with it, then take your time to peruse the range of Cheshire Graniteline surfaces. And then… rebuild your kitchen, and reinvent your life. Strong, durable, and easy to wipe down, granite is that rare material – both gorgeous and hard-wearing. Think of George Clooney, only horizontal and better looking, and you’re pretty much there!

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