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We live in a world overrun with acronyms so in terms of efficiency, here’s one that actually stands for two things. ROI. Depending on where you live, ROI might stand for Republic of Ireland. However, it can also stand for Return on Investment, and that is something people are increasingly thinking about when it comes to the interior design of their homes.

Of course for many people undertaking a reworking of their interior space, a prime motivator will be the aesthetic result. We do it because we fancy a change, because we want to breathe new life into our homes. Maybe you moved into a home and you now want to bring your own style and tastes to the property; maybe you finally have the financial resources to turn it into the home of your dreams. At the other end of the scale, however, some people tend to make changes when they are moving out, and want to make the property a prospective proposition for acquisition. At that stage, you will also want to do what you can to maximise the value of the property, and realise the best return in terms of its sale.

designing your kitchen or bathroomOf course it is always preferable to undertake interior design work for our own personal benefit and enjoyment, but certainly it’s always worth thinking about the return on our investment that any works might provide. And that’s where granite comes in. Using granite as the material for worktops in both the kitchen and bathroom can have immediate and important benefits – both stylistic and practical – for any room. However, it has also been shown to yield great financial returns, in terms of the improving value of the home, and its ultimate resale value.

What’s the return on your design?

If you are considering redesigning your home, or perhaps more realistically, a room or part of the home, there are people on hand to advise you through that process. They might included contracting an interior designer to manage the project, or perhaps in terms of surfaces, talking to an advisor from Cheshire Granite. A specialist advisor is trained to walk you through the best option for you, in terms of your budget and the styles available, leading to the choice that will also offer the best return for your investment.

So, let’s assume you have decided to renovate the kitchen and / or bathroom to make that immediate impact on the home. These are both good choices because they are fundamental spaces for the home, spaces that are always the ones prospective buyers look to first. So, think of colours, yes, and contemporary styles, but also think carefully about materials, and the materials that will make the property work both for you and your family, and for those potential buyers. Beyond your own use, you should always consider what will ultimately boost the value of your home.

In terms of colours, we’ve found that families tend to go for darker, bolder, contemporary schemes whereas older folk prefer a lighter, more natural look.   So keep half an eye on your own use, and half on its future value.

In terms of materials, tiles are often the best option for walls, with splashbacks a very contemporary addition, both for the back of the oven and beyond, perhaps running the entire length of the kitchen walls. In terms of the surface, granite will often offer the best value. Beautiful, stylish and yet incredibly practical, it can provide the perfect surface for any home, and one that has that “wow” factor when it comes time to show prospective buyers around.

In summary, as soon as you have made the decision to go for a re-design, do keep this notion of a return on investment as part of the decision making mix, along with the aesthetic feel of the results. The results should look good, of course, but they should also work for you.

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