Four new ways to use natural stone

Natural stone is so beautiful it seems a shame to only use it on kitchen countertops.

Cheshire Graniteline is staffed by a team of expert stoneworkers and over the years, we have been asked to take on some daring bespoke projects – creating special indoor and outdoor pieces that people love.

If you want a beautiful new piece that will last a long time, here’s some inspiration.

BBQ area

What lovely weather we’ve been having.

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re the kind of family who loves to entertain when it’s hot then an outdoor BBQ area might be just the trick.

Think about it. All your family and friends coming together for a great big meal – and your grill right at the centre of it.

Natural stone materials like granite are perfect for this kind of job because they are tough in outdoor conditions and easy to clean.

Your natural stone BBQ could either be a small pit or a large outdoor table with lots of room to put things down for preparation.

The beauty of working with a bespoke company like Cheshire Graniteline is that you really can have whatever you want. Make your summer dreams a reality and speak to a member of the team today.


Statement pieces

Make a statement at home or in your business with a large monolithic piece.

Natural stone is fantastic for creating heavy statement pieces that really prompt people to sit up and take notice.

A gigantic immovable stone is the first thing that people will notice when they enter a room. Like an avant-garde piece of furniture or a giant spiral staircase a natural stone statement unit will certainly turn heads.

The images below show a bespoke natural stone plunge pool that we installed for an upmarket club in London.

The contrast between the natural ‘rocky’ exterior and the smoothed-out interior is critical to the design.

It has also been inlaid with all the electronics and systems that need to make the plunge pool function properly.

Bespoke stonemasonary plunge pool Bespoke stonemasonary plunge pool III

Sink units

At Cheshire Graniteline, we have made something of a speciality out of installing natural stone bathroom sink units for commercial and domestic clients.

We’ve installed granite sinks units in some of the most upmarket clubs and restaurants in London, as well as in premium family homes in Cheshire.

Natural stone sinks look great and they also have a more interesting texture than porcelain – making it a treat to touch while washings hands.

Sink units can be made in all different shapes and sizes. It could be a single basin bathroom, or a longer unit fit for commercial premises.

For simpler designs, you could also get a natural stone countertop with a porcelain basin inlaid. This is a popular aesthetic in some exclusive new build homes.

Double dark bathroom sink Granite vanity sink

Tables and desks

Eating, meeting, working and socialising, tables and desks are at the centre of so many things we do every day.

Coffee tables, side tables, patio tables, reception desks and more. Natural stone tables can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, serving different functions.

They are easy to clean, robust and nice to touch and look at. We think that natural stone tables create a great maxi effect that people are drawn to.

We recently refurnished the tables, siding and bar top in a Cheshire pub and we think the outcome is great.

We also supplied a bar with an imposing booth table that people can sit and talk around. Check out some of the photos below.

Black granite bespoke table for country pub Bespoke granite fitting in pub Large marble table seat

If you want to learn more about our process and products, speak to a member of the team today. Call: 01606 841074

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