Expert stone masons create a bespoke plunge pool in Middlewich workshop

As you can see from our gallery, our team of craftsmen have had a busy summer creating beautiful pieces for installation up and down the country.

Graniteline’s Middlewich workshop has barely stopped churning out beautiful sinks and chic kitchen worktops, but one piece really stands out in a summer of hard work.

Bespoke stonemasonary plunge pool

This stone plunge pool was built specially for an exclusive private members club in London. The South Kensington Club, which first opened in January of this year is billed an a “re-energising escape from the crazy pace of London life”. And with annual memberships running into the thousands of pounds, members expect the highest levels of luxury from this metropolitan bath house haven.

Our brief was to create a completely unique private plunge pool from the highest quality stone. Using solid pieces of beautiful Portuguese Limestone we aimed to create a pool of severe contrast – smooth on the inside, but gritty and brash from the outside.

According to the client’s design, we plumbed in lights and bubble jets to give the pool a more inviting feel.

Bespoke stonemasonary plunge pool III

When it gets wet, this exterior pool wall will hold onto some of the moisture to really bring out the stones natural sparkle. When the spa is completely finished, this sparkle will be emphasised by yellowed, glowing spotlights placed strategically above and around the pool.

By combining the emerging plunge pool with a minimalist room arrangement and large doorways, and stone-tiled walls, the client hoped to create a relaxed environment reminiscent of old time bath houses.

Bespoke stonemasonary plunge pool II

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