Getting the perfect edge for your bespoke granite worktop

There are many aspects to consider in the design and manufacture of your granite worktop. And such considerations run all the way to the edge of the surface, and how that edge is finished.

Sometimes referred to as an “edge profile”, this will literally be the curve at the edge of your worktop. Examples are given below to ease the decision making process. Your choices range from a more subtly rounded profile, bestowing a softer, smoother appearance… to the sharper, more angular finish that denote the Bevel and Chamfer styles.

We have found over the many years we have operated that certain styles remain perennially popular. These include the “pencil finish”, which is available in large and small styles; and the “bullnose”, which, as you can see, gives an altogether more rounded effect to the worktop edge. If you are looking for an even grander finish, we might direct you more towards the “deep ogee” and “dupoint” styles, of which we are particularly proud.

If you are looking to maximise your worktop space, you might also consider reversing the styles so that the edge resembles more of a bottom, rather than top, lip, to give you that extra room.

Granite Worktop Edge Finish Gallery

Browse through our examples of some of the examples of edge finishes we have done in the past for granite worktops. Better yet, stop by our Middlewich artisan workshop in Cheshire to view them in person!