Distinctive colours: Green granite countertops

Granite is quarried in countries all over the world and comes in a huge range of colours.

The distinctiveness of granite is part of its charm, and part of why granite is so nice to use in your kitchen or bathroom. No two slices of granite are ever the same, so you can look at your granite countertop every morning and know that it is completely unique.

But some granite countertops are more unique than others.

At Cheshire Graniteline we are passionate about stone in all shapes and colours. We work with natural stone like granite and marble as well as composite quartz Technistone and Silestone.

Lots of our clients choose us because they want something a little bit different, and they know we have a pedigree of providing high quality work.

Whether it is at upmarket commercial establishments in fashionable districts of London, or fine houses in some of the most luxurious boroughs of Cheshire, our clients are looking for something that is going to set them apart from everyone else.

Sometimes that is the colour and the style that they use for their worktops and countertops.

Granite’s naturally polished shine is great for showing off a whole array of different colours. Just like in a diamond, there’s so much depth to granite’s colouring that it can show off lots of shades and tones.

In the most distinctive and beautiful shades of granite, multiple colours complement each other and set each other off in some really quite magical ways.

One of the most distinctive colours of granite that we offer is green.

Green granite countertops

Green is perfect for when you want to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom.

With a bright but subtle tone, a green counter is sure to be noticed by your guests. Green is also an incredibly diverse colour that can work with dozens of different colour combinations, both contrasting and complementary.

Green countertops particularly complement lighter kitchen and bathroom units such as pine, white and cream. But it can also complement darker colours like dark browns and blacks.

It’s a strong colour that can leave a strong impression on your visitors and guests.


In the above photo of a job we completed for a commercial client you can see how the dark green granite strongly complements the dark bathroom units and the slightly salmon colour on the walls.

Green granite also typically has lots of complementary colours within it. Shades of blue, brown, black and yellows are regularly found in green granite.

Green granite can be imported from suppliers in countries from all over the world. Slabs of green granite can be mined in South America, Scandinavia and Southern Europe among others.

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