Design ideas for large kitchens

Traditional kitchen design with black graniteOne of those nice problems which affects a few of our clients is that their kitchens are too big.

This might sound silly, especially if you hardly have enough room to store your pots and pans, but really big kitchens can be quite difficult to design.

Get it wrong and your kitchen could be too empty or too impractical, or in the worst cases it can just look austere and uninviting.

We’ve created a short guide with some pictures of our past jobs to help you create a big but balanced kitchen.

Use big block islands

Too much floor space in a kitchen is a bad idea. A room can begin to look cold and lonely if your stranded in a sea of tiles or lino.

If you’ve got a large kitchen and cabinets around the outside then this is a problem you could be faced with.

Bronze kitchen island

Kitchen islands look great in all sorts of kitchens, but they are especially suited to large ones.

If you have a lot of space to play with then a karge island can be used to command the room. It will also generate a lot of extra cupboard space.


Another large kitchen island which we are quite proud of is this monolithic feature we installed in one Cheshire kitchen. This oversized feature – with repeated monolith splashbacks – completely commanded the space and shrank the rest of the kitchen around it.

Be wary though – this is quite a bold feature to include in your design. It can easily go wrong, especially if you don’t use a tradesman who is completely comfortable working with large chunks of natural stone. If you are considering something like this then make sure you use an expert like Cheshire Graniteline.

Think about your kitchen flow

One of the major problems with big kitchens is that a good ‘flow’ can be difficult to achieve. This can be annoying especially if you are keen cook and have to travel a long way between to get stuff from the fridge into the oven.

Fancy overpaid kitchen designers will talk about achieving a ‘flow triangle’ between the fridge, oven and sink. These are the three points you’ll visit most regularly in your kitchen. It might sound pedantic but you’ll be more thankful when it comes to draining a boiling hot pan in the sink.

Black stone coutner and white wood cabinet

Right angles are your friend when it comes to making a good flow. Don’t be tempted to put everything along one wall.

Make space to sit and relax

Modern kitchens work best when they fit around your needs. The space should be easy to entertain in, relax in and (if you have kids) do homework in.

The open-plan kitchen made this easier for kitchen designers and these are particularly suited for large kitchens. Creating a space which is diverse and suitable for any occasion can be difficult.

First things first – make space for people to sit.

Beautiful L-shape kitchen island

If you want to create a space for relaxing then include a sofa or a comfortable arm chair. A breakfast bar with barstools makes a good place to do homework under the watchful eye of mum.

For more inspiration visit the gallery. If you want to talk about your design give us a call on 01606 841 074.  

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