Decorating your kitchen at Christmas

It’s the most won-der-ful time… of the year! It’s a time when decorations go up around the house to make our homes beautiful for this most distinctly family time of the year. And yet… where do most families congregate? Yep, you’ll always find them in the kitchen at parties… and that is why the kitchen also needs a little sprinkle of the magic fairy dust at this time of year.

Of course with a granite surface your kitchen will always look gorgeous and elegant. However, here are some further ideas to make your kitchen Christmas-card perfect:

Festive countertops

decorating your kitchen at christmas

OK, let’s start with the surfaces. Here you might display bowls overflowing with chunky walnuts, or perhaps oranges. You might even add cloves to create the appropriate seasonal fragrance. In terms of decoration, nothing says Christmas like natural pinecones, which you could also display in a bowl, or even a cake stand. Meanwhile, you might fill available vases with cranberries, or seasonally coordinated red and white roses.


Red, white and green candles are also incredibly seasonal. Place them within a vase (perhaps atop the cranberries) or around the kitchen.

Decorating kitchen cabinets

Add that final detail with ribbons around the kitchen cabinets, perhaps securing decorations that didn’t make the grade, in terms of the Christmas tree. Always remember – there are other deserving areas of the house too – don’t let the tree hoover up all the glory!


Similarly, pay some attention to the windows. As with the cabinets, you might use ribbons, and left over decorations. You could perhaps spray them with fake frost, or else hang a wreath, especially if the kitchen window is visible to the street. Also, think of smell, as well as sight. Festive plants always add something to the aroma of a room (such as the herbs you will be using in the cooking) and always look professional on a window ledge.

Christmas lighting

A great one to work on, and of course, Christmas lights equals instant Christmas spirit. If you have some left over, trail them around the shelving in the kitchen. Also, change the kitchen lighting to feature more seasonal colours, especially with the lamps.


Christmas cards are designed to be displayed, not kept in a pile on the hall unit! And the kitchen is a great place for them – each card undoubtedly carrying a fabulously festive Christmas image on the front, and messages of love from friends and family within. Staple the cards to a ribbon, then hang the ribbon over the door in the kitchen, or else run the ribbon down a bare kitchen wall.

Shelves of Christmas goodies

Proudly display your brightest cooking dishes and utensils – especially anything in red or green – which will soon give the room a festive feel. Again, fill jars with festive Christmas treats, such as sweets, biscuits, berries and nuts. Think of a somewhat festive squirrel, storing the finest goodies for winter!

Kitchen doors

A simple one, this. Every kitchen has an entrance, and that entrance deserves to have… mistletoe hanging! It looks pretty, it looks seasonal, and it also means chef gets a snog every time someone comes in to disrupt their culinary endeavours.

The main thing is to keep it simple. The kitchen is also a functional space that comes into its own during the holidays, when the turkey is roasting and the sherry is being poured. So don’t over clutter the room (and certainly not the countertop!)

Instead, simply choose from these ideas and the treat the hub of every home to some festive TLC…

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