Cheshire kitchen design trends for 2014

If you are going to go to the inevitable trouble of redesigning your kitchen, you will want to be completely on trend, when it comes to kitchen design style. And being denizens of that most stylish of counties, Cheshire, we thought we’d be best placed to give advice on how to do it!

Of course many things in kitchen design will always remain broadly the same.  The kitchen is a functional space and will need to work for you towards that function: the preparation and eating of food, plus the socialising that goes with it. A country kitchen in Nantwich may be laid out more functionally and rustically than a bright and open party space in Alderley Edge.

Having said that, there are also some fresh ideas and motifs for 2014 so let us lead you through these and make sure you remain ahead of the curve, with our 5-point guide to kitchen design in 2014.

2014 design trends1) Colour

There are two very distinct moves in terms of colour in 2014, each in a very different direction.  White kitchens have been en vogue for some time and look set to continue, mainly because white can look so sleek, pure and clean.  White can also fit perfectly with the white goods of the kitchen, and also remains neutral whilst the colour and/or aesthetic of the design can be picked 
out in, say, the granite countertops, stainless steel splashbacks, or industrial or wood material used elsewhere in the kitchen.

At the other end of the colour spectrum, there is also a move away from a light neutral colour scheme and towards bold, even bright colours – blues, browns, blacks… even reds – both in terms of the walls and units and accompanying elements.

2) Counters

In terms of those countertops, 2014 is not about holding back.  Black worktops make for a bold design motif, and are also easy to maintain. Match with equally stylish black or white stainless steel appliances and sink ware. Pop down to our Middlewich

3) Cabinets 

Firstly, be smart.  Modern kitchen design involves smart storage choices, which means you can keep things out of sight, whilst also working ergonomically to make the most of the space that you have. In terms of the wall-mounted units, the move is towards open shelving, rather than cabinets with doors, in keeping with a trend towards a more open, accessible design.

 4) Taps

In the future we’re going back… at least in terms of kitchen taps.  Steel, chrome… it’s all so 1990s.  In 2014 the shift is towards warmer, more homely style to the use of metal in the kitchen, whether the taps, cabinet handles… even the cooker hood.  So think bronze or brass… or even gold for the taps.  If the budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, nickel will also work.

5) Lighting

If you’ve gone for shelves instead of cabinets, you may also have made yourself more space for lighting.  So, think about larger, industrial lighting over the island, or perhaps moveable lights which can to positioned according to where you are working.

Your kitchen is now much more than the place where you do the dishes.  It is the engine room of the home.  So if you are thinking of redesigning yours in 2014, our guide will hopefully give you some on-trend ideas with which to work this year.

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