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Outdoor summer BBQ area for your garden

Summer is officially here and it seems to have brought some nice weather for a change. In fact, at times the weather has actually been too hot, as the beating sun and never-ending humidity bring motivation to work crashing down. Yes, this summer has already brought the hottest July day on record as well as some… Read more »

Decorating your kitchen at Christmas

It’s the most won-der-ful time… of the year! It’s a time when decorations go up around the house to make our homes beautiful for this most distinctly family time of the year. And yet… where do most families congregate? Yep, you’ll always find them in the kitchen at parties… and that is why the kitchen… Read more »

Getting the kitchen ready for Xmas!

Some people can’t abide the use of “Xmas” for Christmas but certainly a big “X” in the calendar that no doubt lies on the back of your kitchen door reminds us all that indeed, Christmas will soon be upon us.  Suddenly, the notion of inviting the whole family around to yours doesn’t seem such a… Read more »