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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a New Kitchen

Choosing a new kitchen for your home is exciting. And although it’s a huge investment, they can drastically improve the aesthetics, functionality and value of your property. It’s no surprise then that, in the absence of holidays and the costs saved during the Covid-19 pandemic, many homeowners have taken the opportunity to finally get that… Read more »

Smart Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances

Struggling to decide where you want to situate your kitchen appliances? These 10 layout ideas will help maximise space and make cooking, cleaning, and mealtimes more enjoyable. 1. Conceal extractor fan Extractor fans don’t need to be a feature in your kitchen. A discreet extractor placed in an alcove above the cooker will make the… Read more »

Top 5 Small Kitchen Ideas For 2021

(To Make Your Space Feel Bigger) Are you in need of design inspiration for your small kitchen? Well, we are here to help. We all dream of a spacious, natural light-filled kitchen with tons of room to get our creative juices flowing, but we need to be realistic and know that the majority of the fancy… Read more »