Bespoke natural stone vanity units

Cheshire Graniteline has had a busy start to 2017 and we have already completed some projects that will be firm favourites for the best of the year (not that we have an awards show or anything like that).

A few of the projects that we have worked on in the last couple of months have been driven by an exciting new design trend – one that seems to have come back into fashion after a period out in the cold.

Large bathroom vanity units, with chunky natural stone tops and plenty of storage space in draws, have definitely come back in the last couple of years. We have installed a number of vanity units in commercial settings, but now more people are choosing to have them in their homes.

The new phase is characterised by oversized features, including large panels of natural stone that match the natural colour scheme.

Two of the recent projects we have worked on chose quite neutral tones, but if you scroll down you’ll find a daring camouflage style bathroom that really came off.

In these settings, the warmth, texture and sheer natural beauty of the stone is unparalleled.

Not to mention the fact that granite or marble bathroom tops can last a lifetime if they are looked after properly.

Imposing white granite vanity bathroom

One of the largest projects we have completed so far this year saw us completely overhauling this bathroom, which saw a generous splashing of granite across all of the surfaces.


16998725_1303982926327051_6613819085450394871_nThe centrepiece of the bathroom is undoubtedly this large bathroom vanity, panelled with chunky pieces of white granite and finished with chrome pillars and fittings.

The white granite motif was continued throughout the bathroom, circling the extra-large whirlpool bath and a separate vanity dressing table with more than enough room for multiple individuals to get ready at once.

The room was drawn together by a natural stone floor, completed with a negative granite border that follows the contours of the bathroom.

Bespoke black marble vanity unit

Another luxury bathroom that we worked on this year followed the same basic formula to achieve a great look.

Marble is another fantastic material to use in the bathroom, with an earthy and regal texture that can excite whoever touches it.


The darker marble bathroom unit was finished with gold plating to give an extra flavour of luxury.

Camouflage granite top

This final project that we worked on was a little bolder in design. The client needed something a little different to match the daring wallpaper and colour scheme in their commercial bathroom.


Every piece of granite is unique in that no two pieces look exactly the same, but this particular slice was more unique than all the others. With a deep green palate and camouflage markings, the granite top really works with the beautiful wallpaper.

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