Bespoke granite units for homes and businesses

Here at Graniteline we pride ourselves on our skills and experience working with granite and other stone products. We have designed, created and installed bespoke units in homes and businesses across the length and breadth of the UK.

We think that a unique granite unit can really add value to bathrooms, hallways, reception areas and many other places – and do so in a way that can’t be achieved using other materials. Your own hand-crafted unit will convey a sense of grandeur every time your customers or your friends walk into a room.

To help explain what we mean, we have collected some examples of our finest bespoke work which our clients love.

Granite sinks

We are specialists at installing bespoke granite sinks. Our work is recommended by numerous fashionable businesses up and down the country.


10945631_1528913924038385_6209096875109360476_nAbove you can see examples of two granite sink units which we installed at an upmarket retailer in central London. This dual faucet design is the height of luxury and the infinity drainage system is sure to impress.

This design would also work well in a residential setting. The ‘his-and-hers’ arrangement is ideal if your partner is a notorious mirror-hog.

Granite is a material which is not often found in the bathroom. Many people prefer to stick with the conservative porcelain. But if you are planning a more striking bathroom, for example with white-tiled walls and smoky-black flooring – then a dark granite sink would make the perfect feature.

Marble stairs

Stairs are another area where expert masonry work can really add value to a home or place of business.

stone stairs installers

Here you can see a fine example of some marble stairs which we installed at a luxury hospitality venue in Knutsford. The hallway is often a difficult room to get right. Carpet and wooden panelling can come off as cheap, and if stone-work is installed badly then it can throw off the whole design.

If you are thinking of investing in a stone staircase, you would be well advised to choose a hard and long-lasting material like marble.

It is also recommended that you choose an expert installer – one missed measurement or poor finishing job can have a huge impact on the look and symmetry of your design.

Again the hallway is a place where stone is not used as frequently as in other rooms. As you can see in this case though, the light design and well mounted window panes create a welcoming and natural environment as you walk through the door.

Outdoor granite BBQ area

If you want to install an outdoor area at your home or perhaps at a bar you own, then granite is the only real choice.


Creating an outdoor space where people can cook, serve drinks or just relax means making it light and airy. It also needs to be hardwearing if it is to brave the elements and last for a long time.

Granite is extraordinarily tough and easy to clean. It also acts as a hygienic service to prepare food or cut limes for those summer-time Mojitos.

In the design above the client elected for a dark granite unit housed around his in built BBQ system. The colour perfectly matches the lighter brick, working to create a very inviting outdoor space.

Fireplaces, reception desks and even meeting tables

We have created all sorts of bespoke units for our customers over the years and taken on jobs which other granite companies have to think twice about.

If you want to create a space with added wow factor, get in touch today and one of our expert installers will be happy to discuss your options with no obligation. Call now on 01606 841 074.

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