Add a splash of luxury to your bathroom

 Creating bespoke bathroom features has becomes something of a speciality for the expert stonemasons at Cheshire Graniteline.

We’ve crafted and installed several luxury bathroom units in the last few years. Our client list includes members of the Cheshire aristocracy and one of the most elite private members clubs in London.

We believe that the best way to create a luxury bathroom is to use luxury materials. One of the reasons we love to use granite in bathrooms is because of the way that it looks and feels when it gets wet.

When used correctly (and sparingly) on a few key areas, maxi granite features can really finish off a bathroom in a stylish and attractive.

We’ve looked back over some of our favourite bathroom projects to show off where we think granite works best as material.

Bespoke master bathroom in Cheshire

The project below really stands out in a summer of hard work. One of our clients, a Cheshire local, wanted us to create a completely bespoke bathroom to make his bathroom stand out from other friends in the area. We were briefed to make it useful and make it special.

Granite pannelled shower

Granite shower feature

Our client said that he gets his best business thinking done in the shower and commented that he can easily spend the best part of an hour under the jets on a weekend.

We decided to try and make that shower time more enjoyable by creating this huge shower room, complete with a granite backsplash and a thick granite ledge to sit on and relax.

When the shower is turned on these chunky features really come alive. As water trickles down the granite backsplash it brings out natural sparkle in the stone making it smoother and softer to the touch.

Black granite shower with stone seat

The customer also told us that they often bring a plastic chair into the shower when planning an extra-long contemplation session. We decided that a granite ledge would be a more permanent and altogether more elegant solution for those comfortable weekend showers.

Granite vanity sink

In the same bathroom project we also created this special granite and steel vanity sink. This unit was specially created in our workshop and we think the blend of materials works nicely in this this modern-style bathroom. We also like how the more industrial metal and granite complements the natural beauty of the garden outside.

Luxury stone sinks for commercial premises

Our sink units have been in particularly high demand for commercial premises recently. Following work with upmarket hotels and private members clubs in London we have had a lot of enquiries about our bespoke stone sinks.

Granite sink Dark Emperor granite restaurant

One of the most recent was this single basin finished in Dark Emperor Granite. It was completed for a popular restaurant to give it a finesse edge.

This dark granite comes with golden speckles and silvery veins to match the rooms colour scheme and the gold-bronze fittings to be inserted at a later date.

Double dark bathroom sink

This job used a similar darkened shade of granite. But the sink was placed in a lighter environment with chromed fittings and a bright mirror.

To make more of an impact the clients asked for the sink basin to be double-wide and double-deep.

We are able to make bespoke sinks to fit any requirement. We work in all sorts of materials and all sorts of colours. Everything is handcrafted in our Middlewich workshop and everything is always completed to the highest standards of workmanship.

If you would like to discuss a job with a member of the team please get in touch. Call: 01606 841 074.

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