Accessories to set off your new granite kitchen

So, you have your dream granite kitchen, but what next. It’s often the little things that you notice about kitchens, so if you want to really wow your friends you need to make sure you finish the look off with the right accessories.

We’ve combed the internet for some of the best kitchen accessories to decorate your kitchen in luxurious fashion.

Round Granite Trivet

From Lakeland, this granite disk is perfect for protecting your lovely new kitchen surface while you are cooking up a storm.

It’s will also make a great presentation piece or serving platter if you have people over or if you want to take great photographs of your creations.

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3-in-1 Avocado Tool

In the above photo you will also notice a 3-in-1 avocado slicers that can split, core and extract avocado in no time at all. Perfect for avocado lovers who hate the messy process.

Pop-up Plug Socket

These days, we like to do a lot more than cook in our kitchens. It’s a great place to gossip, entertain or even get some work done. As technology becomes more a part of our lives, the need for well placed sockets has also increased, and that’s why the pop-up kitchen counter socket is getting more and more popular.

These sockets can disappear into your granite worktop without a trace and only appear when you need to plug your laptop, or speaker or anything else into it.

pop up plug socket granite worktop

Le Creuset Round Cast Iron Casserole Dish, Pink

The essential kitchen classic. From a simple pasta dish to a slow-cooked stew, Le Creuset’s cast iron dishes are ideal for a range of one-pot recipes. And their colourful pots are sure to give any kitchen the chic factor.

Cooking for family and friends by Joe Wicks

Fast-rising fitness superstar Joe Wicks shares 100 recipes that are perfect for serving to your family and friends in this supremely popular cook book. Through his social media feeds, cook books and DVDs, Joe has helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their bodies and feel great.

All his books contain effective workouts and simple recipes that people find it easy to stick to.

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