6 Design Ideas for Marble Kitchens

Marble and marble-effect surfaces are becoming an integral part of any contemporary kitchen design. It gives your kitchen a stylish and luxurious finish, but also has multiple practical benefits too. Here are a few unique ways in which you can incorporate marble into your designs.

Marble overhang

A marble breakfast bar that features a statement overhang can create a bold look in your kitchen. A breakfast bar or island is a key feature in any kitchen design but choosing a marble surface will definitely add the wow-factor.

Stylish splashback

Be selective with your choice of surfaces and look to incorporate a stylish marble splashback into your design. To avoid ruining painted walls in our opinion a splashback behind a hob or cooker is a necessity for any modern kitchen. Marble-effect quartz is the perfect solution as it is easy to wipe down and is less likely to stain than other materials.

The dark side

Dark interiors are a hot trend and the moment, so join the dark side and opt for a black marble-effect surface in your kitchen design. Think outside the box and instead of choosing to match black cabinets, contrast your dark worktop with brightly coloured cupboards for a contemporary look.

Cohesive design

Go marble mad in your kitchen and create a cohesive design and use the same surface colour and design for your walls, floors, and worktops – you can even take it a step further and add in a marble dining table to further the luxurious vibe. For an on-trend look, accessorise your marble kitchen with gold metallic fixtures and fittings to contrast its softness.

Create a contrast

Marble kitchens can sometimes look slightly over the top and overly glamorous and pristine, but it doesn’t have to. Look to create a contrast by juxtaposing your marble surfaces with natural wooden touches and black furniture to achieve a softer look and feel to your kitchen.

Marble-effect flooring

Flooring is an integral part of any kitchen. It’s important in any design to envision how your flooring is going to match or contrast with the rest of your kitchen space. Marble-effect floor tiles are a perfect option for a modern minimalist kitchen. They are easy to maintain and are definitely a timeless option that will stand the design test of time.